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WebmasterWorld Pubcon 2006 – Day 1

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 - Comments »

My very first Pubcon! Despite the VERY long registration line, this conference has been a really interesting experience so far.

As an Account Manager, my role is to decide on marketing tactics that will best support my clients’ objectives and strategy. In most cases, this means driving traffic to the client’s website in order to generate leads and increase sales.

The sessions that I attended on Day 1 of Pubcon were all about tactics that could be deployed to help the client achieve their end goal.

Copy Writing
Effective copy can really make or break your business. It is your content that represents and builds your brand and it is your content that can give you a competitive advantage from an SEO standpoint.

When writing web copy, you must avoid the temptation to stuff keyword phrases haphazardly into the copy because it ends up sounding forced and unnatural. Optimizing copy is an art that carefully judges appropriate keyword inclusion and retains the feel and tone of the company’s brand.

Linking Strategies
You can never underestimate the importance of inbound links. The more credible links you attract to your website or blog, the more you are viewed as an authority by the search engines. Links are an excellent way to a) drive traffic b) increase search engine ranking and c) build brand visibility.

It is therefore especially important to develop a linking strategy for generating as many credible inbound links as possible. There is a temptation to go mad on the link building and then have an empty period where no links are generated at all. The best approach is to develop links slowly and consistently. This way, the search engines’ attention is not drawn to the fact that you are aggressively soliciting links. Generally speaking, a surge in backlinks indicates one of two things: a) a particularly topical phenomenon or b) an attempt to spam a search engine.

Joel Lesser, a panelist on the linking strategies panel made an excellent statement, “linking is the foundation of what makes the Web a web.” Linking will indeed continue to be an especially effective SEO tactic.

Landing Page Optimization
Landing pages are the tool we use to push a prospect towards the purchase cycle. A good landing page contains additional information on the topic/product/service being promoted, links to supporting multimedia such as podcasts and most importantly, a call-to-action. This can be a direct request to “contact us” or an invitation to register to receive an article. The goal is to capture the prospect’s contact information and then pass on the prospect to the sales teams.

Blogs, SEO & Social Media
The most interesting part of this session was on using blogging and social media to generate links and drive traffic to your website. Consumer generated media (CGM) is the focus of the future as the power moves away from the marketer and towards the consumer.

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