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Virtual Reality: New Platform for Media Relations

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 - 1 Comment »

Second Life Session

Virtual Reality and 3D platforms not just a child’s game. “Second Life: The Dream Platform for PR Professionals,” was the last session I took while attending PRSA International 2008, but it was one of the most effective. Why you may ask? Because Second Life isn’t just about creating an avitar and playing in a virtual world it is about jumping on board to the future of interaction.

Second Life not just another social media site, and these statistics prove that:

  • 14 Million Users
  • 100 Countries represented
  • 35 Million hours spent on Second Life a year
  • $1.5 Million UDS earned per day on virtual goods
  • 35 Median age of users on Second Life

What do these statistics say to us? They say that there is an untapped market that is not declining, but growing rapidly. 35 is the median age of the user, there are 14 million users in over100 countries, and $1.5 million dollars are made each day. This tells us that Second Life is not going anywhere but up. Vitrual worlds are now not only for children they are for adults.

People are interacting using Second Life, businesses are selling goods and networking, even presidential candidates are using Second Life to get to a wider audience a new audience why aren’t we? In this session there were tons of people that questioned why they should be on Second Life? It seems like a trend and it is so new what could it really do for them?

Answer: Over 10 years ago people were scared of a computer tool called the “internet”, now this is the most widely used computer tool in the world. Secondly, in 15 years when we are trying to hire new employees they are going to be from generation now. These employees are the generation that are growing up on mainly knowing these virtual worlds, if we are to progress in our industry and our field we need to adapt to change.

Virtual Reality and 3D Platforms are being used by hospitals, non-profits and even global businesses like Nokia to promote their products and services. A new way of interacting with our target audience, a new way of reaching new audiences and keeping true to what PRSA International 2008 has been trying to promote all weekend, point of connection. Connecting with people from all over in one.

I am excited to see where this leads PR and Media Relations. As scarey as it is to accept change the excitement of the unknown keeps me on the edge of my seat. I say embrace Second Life to give your company and your clients a “second life” at reaching a broader audience.

One Response to “Virtual Reality: New Platform for Media Relations”

  1. Ed Kohler Says:

    Virtual Reality seems like a decent advertising opportunity for companies that have already tapped out every other conceivable form of online advertising. While there may be some opportunities here, there is a lot of low hanging fruit that’s worth grabbing first.

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