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The Problem With Bacons

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, January 27th, 2006 - Comments »

Some journalists will do anything to avoid PR companies. From purposely ignoring the PR agency and contacting the client direct, to suggesting that all PR companies should be blacklisted, there’s certainly no doubt in my mind that PR pro’s are highly disliked.

These anti-PR attempts really do rattle my cage, especially when the journalist contacts the client direct and then is surprised when they do not receive a return phone call or email. Companies hire PR agencies for a reason – to handle this kind of communication. The client does not want to be bothered by endless calls from journalists and advertising sales reps. And everyone talks about PR people being the spammers………

Many public relations agencies rely on databases such as Bacons MediaMap to retrieve up-to-date background and contact information on journalists and publications. Bacons charges a hefty price for this service and it has recently come to my attention that it does not carefully monitor the quality of its information.

Some journalists have been extremely irritated – and rightfully so – by snooping Bacons reps that have listed personal email addresses and phone numbers in the database – without requesting permission.

Bacons people – you are not doing us PR pros any favors by providing us with private information that journalists do not want publicized.

Some journalists are becoming so annoyed by their unsuccessful attempts to be taken out of Bacons that they are providing false information.

So, inquisitive PR pro – be careful about how much you rely on Bacons MediaMap – it may be harming your relationship with the media more than it is helping.

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