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The New Media Landscape

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, November 11th, 2005 - Comments »

I heard on the local news the other night that newspaper circulation is on the decline. No surprise there.

The public announcement of the decline of interest in print media only serves to confirm what I have been reiterating for a while – the media landscape is evolving.

There are still plently of people who enjoy a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. However, more and more computer literate and Internet savvy individuals – myself included – are choosing to read the news online.

Indeed, the invention of the lap top means that it is possible to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and clicking away on your mouse while lounging on the sofa. Not only that, there’s no chance of ending up with black fingers from leafing through the print version of the newspaper.

I’m not really an advocate for online media over print, really I am not. I am simply aware that the demise of print media was to be expected and probably will never be reinstated to its previous grandeur.

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