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Leading Learning Strategies Website – – Offers Study Tips to Help Improve Test Scores for Students Preparing for Finals

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Dedicated to brain and memory improvement, Smartkit and its Student Guidebook, recommend students stay away from all-nighters and deploy more effective study techniquesBoynton Beach, Florida – December 7, – Smartkit, led by board certified neurologist Dr. R.L. Kaplan, is offering study tips to help students studying for finals improve scores with less study time and without painful all-nighters.Kaplan explains that brain function significantly decreases after an all-nighter, especially memory systems and frontal lobe regions.Frontal lobe regions are especially important because this region plays a crucial role in the following:

  • Oral Presentations
  • Essay Tests on literature, history, social sciences and art
  • Exams in math, physics, chemistry or economics where students are asked not only to recall information, but to apply it to new situations and problems

According to the research journal Occupational Environmental Medicine, “Moderate sleep deprivation produces impairment in cognitive and motor performance equivalent to that of legally prescribed levels of alcohol intoxication.”Smartkit developed its Student Guidebook to help improve memory and brain functions by implementing healthy techniques into daily life.Students can benefit from advice offered within the guidebook including how to improve test scores and decrease study time by:

  • Avoiding Information Decay – It is important to review newly-learned material hours after first exposure, not weeks later. 40-70% of what you learn today will be forgotten by tomorrow without review.
  • Eating Brain Food – Brain structure and function is markedly affected by what you eat. Feed your brain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and stimulate your brain instead of merely sustaining it.
  • Take a Nap – As the day wears on, mental fatigue sets in. Stop and recharge your batteries. A nap as short as 10 minutes has been shown to improve alertness and cognitive performance.
  • Increase the neurochemicals of concentration– Before you sit down to study, a short burst of aerobic exercise increases brain catecholamine levels which in turn boost ability to concentrate and focus. These are the same brain chemicals that Ritalin-like stimulants work on.

“High test scores can be achieved with less study time, without all-nighters and without large doses of caffeine, all of which impact brain functioning,” said Dr. R.L. Kaplan. “The Smartkit – Student Guidebook was created to help students improve memory and test scores by incorporating easy and healthy habits into daily routines.”Learn more tips to increasing test scores with less study time by ordering the Smartkit Student Guidebook: SmartkitSmartKit is an eBook written by Board Certified neurologist Dr. R.L. Kaplan. The SmartKit: Student Guidebook provides learning strategies for students of all ages.The SmartKit website and its contents are owned and published by Synaptic Blue,

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