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Public Speaking as Strategic Marketing Tool

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, September 7th, 2007 - Comments »

By Bill Arnovich, Media Relations Specialist

Most Public Relations Firms realize the abundance of issues in any industry work lends itself to PR client speaking opportunities at many available venues.

Speaking engagements are a uniquely effective strategic marketing and PR tool, IF a few important criteria are met. Effective public speaking builds your credibility and confidence in a particular subject matter, exuding competence and conviction to prospective customers. Here are several important considerations:

  • Invitations to speak should be evaluated based on the opportunities they offer the organization to communicate with key audiences. Invitations, then, are prioritized and assigned to appropriate individuals in your organization, or declined if they appear to offer little value.
  • Speaking opportunities are solicited before audiences upon whom the success of your organization depends.
  • Recognize that every speaking opportunity is different.
  • Every audience is different.
  • Commit to prepare and practice all presentations.

The benefits to those executives or subject matter experts who speak and the companies they represent are many. Networking opportunities with the people who attend the presentation often leads directly or eventually to new clients. Another benefit is that press people are often in attendance at conferences or trade shows. They only target a select few so button holing to meet and attend the presentation before and after will be vital.

The increased media attention can often lead to new business and solid contacts. Another factor affecting the growth of new business is the fact that industry credibility is closely aligned with those that speak publicly. When an individual becomes well known as a subject matter expert in a particular discipline, many companies will choose to engage those individuals over unknowns. These are just a few of the many benefits associated with being a public speaker.

The best tip of all is to just be yourself when you are giving a speech or presentation. Know your topics, rehearse in front of a mirror so you know when to smile, pause, and pronounce words. If you’re not using a Power Point, it’s not a bad idea to have your talking points on index cards so you can glance at them and never lose your place.

Public Speaking is a great marketing tool if you work with the right tools and hopefully by reading this you now have a few more tools in your belt. Good luck.

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