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PRSA International 2008: Evolution of Communication

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, October 24th, 2008 - 2 Comments »

PRSA Conference 2008 Detroit

Constantly things are changing, communication itself is experiencing a renaissance of change, but can we handle it? Detroit, MI – once the center of the motorized world – is experiencing a rebirth from industrial motor plants to hosting international conferences like PRSA International 2008. If this once industrial city can evolve into a  robust and vibrant city of culture and information, then we can learn to adapt our methods of communication.

The programming of the 61st PRSA International conference demonstrates that once traditional approaches of PR are now giving way to a digital world.The first conference session that I will be attending is titled, “Word-Of-Mouth Online and Off: What’s the difference?” The session is going to examine how traditional word-of-mouth sells, the messaging is the same, but how we communicate that message is changing.

Example, in the 1920’s people found out how amazing automobiles were, this was done by talking to people that had one, had seen one or had heard about them from someone else. Now almost a hundred years later automobiles are advertised by word of mouth, on the radio, in newspapers, on social media sites, on television and on the internet. By learning how to evolve messaging we are able to influence our customer base and increase our clients ROI.

Once evolving our messaging is down it is now time to generate some buzz around our clients and their products and services. How do we do this? In “Generating Buzz: Strategies for the B2C and B2B Audience,” Daryl McCullough, CEO of PainePR, Chris Kuechenmeister, group director of PainePR and Craig Howe, president of RocketXL explain that PR pros must command a leadership role in creating buzz for clients. We will examine the success of outreach efforts in social media, social networks and online communities. Learning how to grab our audiences attention no matter where they are located creates brand awareness for our clients and again a greater ROI.

Generating a great ROI – This is something that all marketers are learning to do as the economy is in a slump,  and companies are not willing to spend more on marketing but are cutting their budgets when it comes to marketing. How can we learn to adapt to this new trend in “less is more?” In “How to Derive ROI for Interactive Communications,” David Rockland, Ph.D, partner and managing director, of Ketchum helps us to understand how to utilize interactive tools to generate and gain greater ROI for ourselves and most importantly our clients. This is all about learning to use less money but get more out of our efforts, again here we are learning to change and evolve from once large marketing budgets to small budget dollars.

These are just a few of the sessions I am attending some of the others include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Where to begin?
  • Digging Into New Tech Topics: Where and How to Maximize Web Research
  • What’s the ROI on Your Press Release?

Do you see a trend in the sessions being offered? Learning how to evolve the way we communicate to get a greater ROI. Evolution – it is happening to communication and Detroit these both are intersecting at PRSA International. Join me as I learn first hand where both of these will lead the PR & Marketing field.

TopRank speaks at PRSA International: Saturday Oct 25th TopRank’s CEO will be presenting a pre-conference workshop on Search Engine Optimization for News Content as well as a panel discussion on the future of PR and new media Monday, Oct 27th. More information can be found on the PRSA International conference web site.

TopRank will also be blogging the conference here at Media Relations Blog and at Online Marketing Blog.

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