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Giving Back To Those Who Impact PR – PRSA Keynote Mitch Albom

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 - Comments »

Mitch Albom PRSA 2008

Tuesday’s with Morrie, the bestselling memoir by Mitch Albom speaks of the influence that we all possess as individuals. How we all have a certain power to cultivate the people we encounter. Morrie Schwartz was a professor of Mitch Albom’s when he was an undergrad. Morrie helped shape the way Mitch thought and the way that Mitch viewed his future. One man influenced another and from that a great journalist, sportscaster and motivational speaker emerged.

As PR and Media Relations Professionals we have influence on people. Every day we are shaping the way people view our clients and their products/services. We have the honor of cultivating the way people view what we have to say. We can impact society. Mitch Albom’s question as keynote speaker for the PRSA International 2008’s last day conference was, “Are you impacting people in a positive way? Are you learning from people as you are influencing them?”

Now more than ever it is important that we are influencing our audience in a positive way, that we are giving valuable information and promoting valuable messages to not only the media but consumers as well. PR and Media Relations professionals have an opportunity to reach hundreds of people, to shape the way they think and to shape their actions. We may be a small part of someone’s day but we have a global effect and sometimes we forget that.

As I sat in this morning’s keynote address I wondered how we as professionals try to impact our audience in a positive way. Mitch Albom was right in saying that we have to realize who influences us, who we influence and how we can use that to impact others.

PR and Media Relations are professions that have an opportunity to do something great; we are able to impact people on a global level. With the new technologies and tools such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Second Life

PRSA International 2008 has impacted the way that over 3,000 people view themselves and their profession. We each are taking away some nugget of information, we have made connections professional and personal, and we have learned to challenge ourselves in our jobs and most importantly learned to look at where our profession has been and where we are going.

We are now connecting to people all over the world. We are able to spread messages globally, but what messages are we wanting to spread? Mitch Albom says that of giving and learning, Jeff Julin, PRSA Chair says that of connecting with one another. I believe that Mitch and Jeff are both correct we as professionals learn and give back, and by doing this we connect with our communities locally, nationally and globally.

After all this is what PRSA and PRSSA are all about.

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