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PR and Link Building

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, April 30th, 2007 - 1 Comment »

One of the comparisons we often make when describing the need for ongoing link acquisition for our Search Engine Optimization practice is with media relations.

For example. as long as an organization wants coverage in their industry’s media, they need an advocate (agency or in-house) reminding journalists of company news and story ideas or the publication will end up writing about someone else.

For link building, a company needs to allocate ongoing resources to the pitching and acquisition of links because they are a critical component to how search engines rank web pages. Without ongoing link building, the search engines will rank pages with more and better quality inbound links.

In both cases there is a steady stream of competition and to persist (with the exception of Fortune 50 brands) in top visibility within standard search engines, it will require persistence in promotion. Of course there are other variables in both cases, but it’s a good illustration for ongoing attention.

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  1. Meredith Bove Says:

    I agree with you that ongoing link building is necessary for many companies to remain competitive. Unfortunately, often it’s not until companies undergo a crisis (for example, a rebrand without the proper redirect or a name change without an active link-building campaign) that they sit up and take notice of the importance of a sound SEO strategy that includes ongoing link building.

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