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PR 2.0 – The "New Media" Age

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, August 18th, 2006 - Comments »

What defines the New Media age?
The emergence of Social Media tools and technologies that will help PR professionals take their campaigns to the next level.

Today, creativity is key to effective public relations and marketing in general. New Media responds to the need for more creative and interactive marketing communications. New Media provides PR pros with a whole new landscape of possibilities.

Scoial Media tools that PR professionals should be investigating and using inlcude:

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
RSS allows the syndication of content from one website to another. Users can sign up for RSS feeds on topics that interest them and have the information delivered directly to their computer. Not only is RSS an effective way of disseminating information, but it is also a popular tool used by journalists to collect data for their stories.

For PR professionals, RSS can be an invaluable tool for keeping up-to-date on clients’ target industries, competitors, trends and media coverage.

Despite speculation that the blogosphere is killing PR, blogging is here to stay and should be an integral part of your PR strategy.

I’m using blogging as a viral linking tactic to drive traffic to clients’ websites and increase the number of inbound links.

Podcasts are a great PR tool. They can be used to promote a company, its products, services and a topic or trend that is of interest to the industry. Podcasts can also be attached to press releases (via a service like PRWeb’s), posted to corporate websites and best of all, they can be disseminated via RSS feeds.

Social Bookmarking
PR professionals can use social bookmarking tools such as to bookmark client media coverage. Not only is this a good way to collate past coverage, but it also contributes to the company’s search engine ranking .

Social bookmarking can also be used as a pitching tool. Providing journalists with a collection of websites, articles and blog posts on the topic that you’re pitching will help transition your pitch from concept to article.

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