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Optimized Press Releases – Are You Missing Out?

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, May 4th, 2006 - 1 Comment »

The term “optimization” is still something of an enigma to many business professionals. Everyone knows what a press release is and that it is intended to disseminate news and increase brand visibility. Only a limited amount of people, however, understand the true value of “optimizing” a press release before it is released.

Here are five things to keep in mind when preparing a press release for distribution:

1) Keywords
Integrate up to 3 keyword phrases that are relevant to the topic of the press release. Studies show that placing a keyword phrase at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph, and within headings and sub-headings, will contribute to improved search engine ranking.

2) Headlines
Not only is it important to make your headline punchy, but strategic placement of keyword phrases in the headline, specifically at the beginning of the sentence, will help increase search engine ranking.

3) Text Links
Many press release distribution services and newswires now offer the option of purchasing a hyperlink. By making a keyword phrase within the release into a live link, not only will this increase search engine visibility for that keyword phrase, but it will also drive traffic back to your website.

4) Landing Pages
Another way to drive traffic to your website is to include a link within the press release that directs prospects to a specific landing page. This also enables you to track the response rate to the press release and provide a call-to-action. Landing pages typically provide further information on the topic of the press release and close with an offer of fulfillment. For example, fill in the form below to receive a free article on press release optimization. Capturing prospect contact details in this way augments your prospect database that can be used for direct email marketing campaigns.

5) RSS Feeds
Believe it or not, the Media is no longer reliant on receiving press releases to generate story ideas. The majority of Internet savvy journalists turn to the Web for their information. The introduction of RSS feeds has made it very easy for journalists to find the data they need with a click of the mouse. As more and more journalists subscribe to RSS feeds, it is important for PR professionals to submit press releases to RSS feeds so that their company’s or client’s news does not fall through the net.

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