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3 Tips to Embrace Digital Communications

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, February 18th, 2008 - 1 Comment »

Digital Communication

By Jessica Cameron-Ruud – Account Coordinator

As a fairly new person on the M&O team, I’ve had the advantage of learning from some of the best in the business. The learning curve I’m quickly working to overcome is how best to navigate the constantly changing digital marketspace to reach our target audience online.

I recently attended a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Event ‘Conversations about the Future of Advertising”, which really got me thinking about how to embrace the shift to digital communications and online marketing. Offering up some valuable insight to help marketers determine how best to navigate the digital marketspace, we can find new ways to expand our connections and reach our target audience online.

Here are 3 tips to embrace the digital revolution in your business:

Live the Life. Only through trial and error with various digital communication channels such as Google, YouTube, Face Book, Digg, etc. can you define what approaches work and what approaches don’t. A marketer that understands how to interact with others in social communities online is more likely to understand the preferred language and tone used among community members.

By speaking in a language that engages listeners online, your message is more likely to reach your target audience through viral spread. Change in the online world is inevitable, constant interaction puts you at the forefront of what’s to come.

Real Time Promotion is Key. Real time promotion is simply communicating to your customers about the most current, and ‘right-now’ happenings with your brand. If you’re offering a once in a life time sale today, your customers aren’t going to be interested tomorrow.

The internet offers the advantage over traditional mediums to reach your customers now, in real time, understanding what drives them, and making decisions based on real time data. The idea is simple, promote company news and events as they happen in ‘real time’ through blogs, image sharing sites, social networking sites and discussion groups, and open communication channels to connect with your target audience.

1 evangelist, 2 evangelist, 3 evangelist, MORE. Make your customers work for you. By building relationships with your customers in the online world, you create an army of evangelists that speak out, blog about, and promote your brand online. Reach your customers in the online world through communication channels that entice interaction.

The idea behind interaction is to provide your customers a variety of tools in which they can get to know and become comfortable with your brand. Once the evangelist has taken over, you may find that word of mouth has helped your original customer base reach new heights.

Change is happening daily in the online world, those that embrace and continually seek to learn new tactics to further reach their customers and grow their business online will be most successful through the digital revolution.

Within your businesses’ marketing plan, what online marketing tactics have you chosen to grow your business online? How do your digital communication skills measure up to the task?

One Response to “3 Tips to Embrace Digital Communications”

  1. Mariana Sarceda Says:

    Excellent post. I’m experimenting with new media as I want to see which of them would work for my client and which wouldn’t. And the trial and error approach’s been working wonders for me.

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