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Negative PR: Turning It Into Advantage

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, May 9th, 2005 - 1 Comment »

Ever heard “any kind of exposure is good exposure”?

Of course to Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson, the uncovering of their various misdemeanors would make them feel to the contrary.

However, elsewhere in the celebrity world, popstars such as Jessica and Ashley Simpson have in fact gained their fame from what we would consider negative PR exposure.

Jessica Simpson did not top the Billboard charts until after her reality show “Newlyweds” had hit T.V. screens. Not only did her record sales increase significantly after she made her infamous “chicken of the sea” comment, but tuna sales also rocketed. Being known as pop’s biggest dummy is not the best kind of exposure for Jessica, but it has certainly helped elevate her to one of the biggest names in pop music.

Jessica Simpson’s sister, Ashley, and American Idol’s Paula Abdul, are finding that ridiculing themselves is the best way to react to negative exposure and use it to their advantage.

Ashley Simpson was only known as a weak interpretation of her sister until she was caught lipsynching on Saturday Night Live. Since appearing in self-depracating comedy sketches, Ashley has not only seen her record sales increase, but she has also been given her own reality show.

Similarly, Paula Abdul, amidst rumors of American Idol scandal involving drugs, alcohol and cavortation with past contestants, also appeared on Saturday Night Live to ridicule both herself and the rumors.

The latest celebrity approach is therefore, not to deny rumor and not to confirm it either. Mockery is the new key to success and a career turning point for many, as we have seen.

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