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Link Bait

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, February 9th, 2006 - Comments »

For a long time, the SEO world has been talking about the importance of active link building to build site authority and, hence, increase ranking in the search engines.

Link Bait is a new term, coined by link builders, to describe the creative ways in which they are gaining inbound links.

What does this mean for PR?
In addition to building site authority and increasing search engine ranking, link bait also has a lot in common with viral public relations campaigns.

Before the name “link bait” was ever invented, the concept was being used. Remember Burger King’s Subservient Chicken? Burger King was very successful in promoting their new chicken sandwich via the subservient chicken gimmick, which has become a widely used example of viral marketing. How many times did someone write about the subservient chicken and then include a link back to the website?

The connection between viral marketing and link bait only stands to strengthen my assertation that public relations practices must be taken online. Further than simply evolving with the times, I believe that online communications is the secret to better public relations.

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