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Know Your Audience

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, November 3rd, 2005 - Comments »

If I wasn’t completely clear in my last post about the importance of knowing your audience, let me take this opportunity to clarify.

In addition to the marketer needing to understand the goal behind each piece of PR, he or she must also understand how they can make each piece of news attractive to the target media outlet in order to achieve that ultimate goal.

PR professionals should recognize that ignorance about the publication is most journalists’ number 1 pet peeve when it comes to being pitched. Of course, a food journalist does not want to be emailed press releases about structured finance!

PR professionals have been analyzing their target media for a long time; there’s nothing new there. What I am suggesting now, and in my previous posts, is that we can no longer anticipate that if we have the client featured in the New York Times for example, the message is going to automatically reach our prospects. Indeed, we need to anlayze prospect behavior, particularly in terms of the kind of media channels that are reaching them, before we even analyze those media channels themselves and work out how we can get our message to resonate.

My point? Today we need to start with the prospect, not the journalist. Once we know where the prospect is going and what the prospect is reading, then we turn our hats to researching how we can get those media outlets to run our story.

The question is not what motivates the marketer nor what motivates the media?
The true question to ask is what motivates the prospect?

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