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How to Embrace Social Media Optimization

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 - Comments »

Social Media is hitting the online marketing space fast. As the concept continues to evolve, more and more marketers will be exploring ways to fully leverage Social Media tactics.

Here are a few tips for Social Media Optimization:

Social Media Press Releases
The Social Media press release offers a fresh new format for communicating news that is more compatible with online marketing.

Characteristics of the Social Media press release include:

  • Elimination of PR speak
  • Linkable text
  • Photos
  • MP3 files/Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Traditional format replaced with:
    • Bulleted points
    • Link & RSS Feed to purpose-built page (provides supporting articles, websites, blog posts etc on the topic of the release)
    • Pre-approved quotes from executives, analysts, partners and customers
    • Links to download articles and whitepapers
    • Links to relevant media coverage to-date
    • RSS Feed to client’s news releases
    • Opportunity to social bookmark the release

The Social Media press release collates all the latest online marketing techniques into one incredibly impactful tactic.

View the layout of a Social Media press release here.

Content Aggregation
The role of the PR professional is set to evolve into a content aggregator. It makes perfect sense. Clients will be better equipped to launch a new product or service if they have detailed information on competitors and the market demand. RSS Feeds facilitate this process so content aggregation need not be a cumbersome task. PR professionals can also use RSS feeds and social bookmarking to aggregate client media coverage, inbound links and background on what the industry is saying about a particular trend.

Content Aggregation is also an important component of the Social Media press release, as you can see from above.

If you’re looking for the genesis of the SMO concept, read this article on new rules for Social Media Optimization.

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