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How To Be A Good Guest

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, February 8th, 2007 - Comments »

Bill Arnovich, our Media Relations expert, has kindly contributed his insights on how to be a good interviewee and get invited back!

Always mention your company at least 3 times in a 15 minute interview
Most Producers know and understand that’s why you’re on their broadcast in the first place. Most will never bring it up so you have to be a “used car salesman” and mention it.

Be yourself!
Don’t try to be Rush Limbaugh or any radio announcer….it sounds phony and most Producers can see it coming a mile away.

Be concise
Summarize your main point in a crisp 3 minutes. That’s how long you will get when you’re on a TV program or a radio broadcast.

Think before you speak
Speak slowly; I didn’t say dead. Speak like you talk and think before you speak.

Offer your help
Offer the Editor or Producer help in ways to write or how to cover your story. Don’t be pushy, but you can offer valuable insight into possible angles for the story.

Always say thank you
Too many times a guest leaves without thanking the crew, the hosts, the producer. Trust me you need them like they need you. Kindness and manners go a long way.

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