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Do You Want To Be A Media Darling?

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, April 15th, 2005 - Comments »

Reality show mania has been hitting the World for years now. Survivor is in its eighth season and Simon Cowell has quickly become a household name.

Once upon a time, escapism was the name of the game. Soap operas, movies, comedy shows; what a welcome relief from world corruption and terrorism.

What is it with reality?
Honestly? Ego.
Reality shows indulge the desire in each of us to have our 5 minutes of fame. These shows have taught us that average people can be media darlings. Just look at Survivors Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich. Suddenly, your average joe from Boston and the girl next door from PA are about to have their wedding televised live on CBS. Whatever happened to this “honour” being restricted to heads of state and monarchy?

No matter how much we hear about the downside of fame, still, more people crave it than reject it. Reality mania has just strengthened the fantasy for would-be celebrities, who can now see a tangible road from sofa to producer.

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