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Digital Asset Optimization for News Content

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, August 4th, 2008 - 4 Comments »

News Content Digital Asset Optimization

By Lee Odden

In the world of using search engine optimization tactics for extending the reach of media relations, optimizing press releases alone leaves a tremendous opportunity untouched.

Increasing numbers of companies have realized this and are adopting more formal holistic news content optimization strategies. Digital Asset Optimization is a SEO Point of View that our search marketing agency, TopRank started developing in early 2007.

Limiting news content optimization to press releases with a web site rich with news, media coverage and digital assets leaves a lot of the “good stuff” out of the scope of SEO attention. There’s a tremendous opportunity for a competitive advantage in search engine PR when all of the news content digital assets involved with the SEO effort.

The first step to managing a news digital asset optimization program is to take inventory of the media assets and content types that are currently being created. It is important not to discount content because it is not published online. Many types of press clippings, news coverage, digital communications, video and image assets can be repurposed for news content optimization and promotion.

It’s important for a successful news DAO program to create a matrix of inventoried digital assets and the corresponding promotional channels. This is helpful when a strategic online PR promotion plan is put in place because it’s easier to see what individual parts of a program can be promoted on their own.

Next, the media and content types being promoted are keyword optimized. Ideally, a process and training is put in place with the various news content creation sources including press releases, media coverage, white papers, archived webinars, newsletters or other PR and news communications content in order to enable news content to be optimized and promoted on an ongoing basis.

Digital news assets and media like video can be extended and optimized for promotion on multiple channels. For example, a video might normally be submitted to YouTube or a few other video sharing web sites. The video optimization and marketing opportunity can be extended by:

  • Publishing the video with embed code into a blog post. Optimize the blog post with keywords in the title and references to the video from other relevant pages using anchor text.
  • Transcribe part or all of the video and post the text along with show notes into another blog post entry or in the original post under the video.
  • Take screen captures of important parts of the video and submit them to image sharing web sites. Include portions of the show notes in the image description. Link back to the blog post hosting the video.

Another step in the digital asset optimization process for news content is to create a digital content promotion and outreach plan. Consider both the strategic DAO promotion opportunities as well as the promotion of individual media whether they are text, image, video or audio.

For example, an entire viral campaign can be deployed leveraging not only the buzz building and word of mouth benefits, but also the ability for individual components of the program to drive news related search traffic on their own.

Like all online public relations and marketing efforts, campaign activity and content interactions should be tracked with web analytics software. Each overall campaign as well as individual promotional efforts should be monitored to see what’s working and what’s not.

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