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Dealing With The Bi-Polar Personality

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, October 10th, 2005 - Comments »

Is it possible to ever understand the bi-polar personality? Especially when you are the PR executive experiencing the bi-polar tendencies of your client?

How are you to ever please your client, you may ask?
That is a very good question.

Oftentimes, the PR executive is left feeling frustrated and deflated by the client who demands one thing one week and the complete opposite the week after.

What can you do to stop your client from changing stragetic direction week to week?
Here are some tips:
– Don’t be afraid to present your recommendations (verbally and in writing)
– Communicate the impact that each campaign will have (or will not have) on achieving media coverage and building brand awareness

For example:
If the client is setting precise goals for achieving media coverage, but is not committed to providing news and content, you have a problem. The client has to be aware that media coverage is dependent on content and while the PR pro is engaged to make any content “newsworthy”, it is not the PR pro’s responsibility to pluck this content out of thin air.

The best advice I have is this: follow the client in whatever direction you are taken but always connect the dots. Always ensure that the client is aware of the possible impact that each strategic change may have on the PR campaign or the company as a whole.

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