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Consumer Generated Media (CGM)

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, May 19th, 2006 - Comments »

The growth of the blogosphere is giving rise to a new phenomenon – Consumer Generated Media (CGM).

While holding the flag high for freedom-of-speech advocates, CFM, with its threat to reputation management, is becoming a Public Relations nightmare.

Indeed, weeks, months and years of hard work building a brand and a positive reputation can be easily undone by negative comments posted in the blogosphere by the unsatisfied consumer.
It therefore becomes necessary for PR pros to tighten the reins on reputation mangement. Subscribing to RSS Feeds and using a blog search tool to scan the blogosphere for company mentions are good ways to keep abreast of what is being said and by whom.

If you do happen to come across a negative comment about your company or client, the best way to calm the storm is to post comments in response to the allegations. Of course, a great deal of diplomacy is necessary to prevent the issue from escalating out of control.

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