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Advanced Network Security Leader, NetZentry, Announces Additional Features for DDoS Attack Protection Software

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 - Comments »

CleanTraffic 2.7 gives users multiple ways of rerouting and redirecting DDoS attack trafficPalo Alto, CA, Sept 26, 2006 – netZentry, a leading developer of advanced network security and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and mitigation solutions, has announced that the new release of its flagship DDoS protection software, CleanTraffic, gives its customers multiple ways of cleaning DDoS attack traffic in their data center.With over 4,000 DDoS attacks per week and an average of $94,000 in damages due to lost productivity, NetZentry’s CleanTraffic solution is designed to detect DDoS attacks before they are able to compromise the availability of their target server or services.”NetZentry’s updated CleanTraffic 2.7 software is extremely customizable in the way it can be configured to protect our customers,” said Chris Shaffer, Director of Network Services, 1-800-HOSTING. “We can adapt the CleanTraffic DDoS solution to integrate seamlessly with both existing and future infrastructure architectures.”The updated version of CleanTraffic carefully tracks each attack at all stages of the attack. Once a traffic anomaly has been detected, the following steps are taken to effect mitigation:•    All traffic to the targeted destination is rerouted•    Customized filtering is applied and separates good traffic from attack traffic•    Cleaned traffic is subsequently re-injected, through a variety of options, back to original destination through the main networkCleanTraffic 2.7 gives service providers many options as to how traffic is re-directed and re-injected into the network during and after a DDoS attack. The solution supports selective Internal Border Gateway Protocol [IBGP] based rerouting of traffic to the attacked destination from only those edge routers that see the attack. The solution also supports multiple methods of traffic re-injection including:•    static route re-injection,•    GRE tunneling-based re-injection, and•    dynamic VRF-based re-injection.“We are committed to working with service providers to enable them to selectively offer the best DDoS protection to their customers,” said Rangaswamy “Vasu” Vasudevan, CEO of netZentry. “Regardless of their infrastructure, we can isolate attack traffic, clean it with our filtering device, and then re-inject the good traffic back into the network using our CleanTraffic system.”For more information on netZentry’s CleanTraffic 2.7 and its features, visit netZentrynetZentry was founded in 2003 to solve the problem of both internal and external threats using a distributed collaborative approach that is able to offer pinpoint defense while precisely mitigating threats at their originations. netZentry’s CleanTraffic(TM) technology that embodies the collaborative approach has enabled netZentry customers — service providers and enterprises — to effectively foil both internal and external threats. netZentry is privately held and backed by top-tier venture capitalists. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. More information about the company can be found at

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