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Christmas Trees Versus Holiday Trees

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 - Comments »

Christmas is being attacked yet again and this time it is via the traditional Christmas Tree.

Spurring this attack is a banner at a Lowe’s store in Austin, Texas. The banner was written in both English and Spanish. While the English version read “Now here, fresh cut holiday trees,” the Spanish translation read “Now here, fresh cut Christmas trees.”

The average person would not think twice about this translation, but somehow this trivial point has made the news. Please note, it is not the use of “Holiday Tree” that forms the attack on Christmas. It is the way that people are outraged by the use of Christmas in the Spanish translation. Honestly, does it really matter?

Are people really more likely to buy a tree if it is labelled “Holiday Tree” instead of “Christmas Tree”? While “Holiday Tree” is certainly more inclusive, “Christmas Tree” follows centuries of tradition. Furthermore, does a Christmas Tree cease to be a Christmas Tree just because it has a different name?

As for those that buy Holiday Trees, will they be able to find Holiday Tree Stands? I suspect the stores are still selling them under the label of Christmas Tree Stands…..

The current obsession with being politically correct when it comes to Christmas is becoming absolultely ridiculous. What will happen when Easter rolls around? Will we be hiding “Holiday Eggs” and talking about the “Holiday Bunny”?

What a sorry state of affairs……

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