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Bloody Christmas!

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, December 8th, 2005 - Comments »

For all of you people out there that are as sick as I am of the anti-Christmas campaigning, you may get a kick out of a recent post on Threadwatch.

Bloody Christmas comically communicates how the question of Christmas is getting out of hand.

Indeed, if we are going to be non-exclusive, then efforts should be made not to offend anyone during the *BEEP* season.

That means that corporate *BEEP* parties should not include:

Alcohol – Offensive to Alcoholics Anonymous
Meat – Offensive to Vegetarians
Sugar filled desserts – Offensive to Diabetics
Salt – Offensive to those with high blood pressure
Food – Offensive to Anorexics
Music – Offensive to deaf people
Decorations – Offensive to blind people

And so the list goes on……..

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