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Blogginz Yer Presentationz – Scoblizin Yer Paradigmz

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 - 2 Comments »

So, between Lee Odden losing his camera in the bay, and my failure to bring a charger to town, this will be less-than-visual post. Feel free to Google for a stock photo image of Robert Scoble, if you want the full effect.Scoble begins by informing us that he doesn’t have slides, but rather wants to give us a glimpse into his life. This sets the tone for a very informal presentation that introduces a variety of new social media platforms (even I wasn’t familiar with FriendFeed, but then, I’m something of a dinosaur). As such, I’ll give you all a very informal blog post.

Among his Twitter friends are none other than Barack Obama, yet more proof that his campaign is making an earnest effort to engage new media. I suppose all the campaigns have some social media presence, but Obama seems to be the only one effectively using it. A blog is just a blog until someone reads it. Then it becomes a tactic.

I am familiar with sliderocket, but Scoble illuminates perhaps its most valuable feature, which is version control. Presentations tend to be collaborative efforts, and revamping existing presentations to accommodate edits can be a chore. PowerPoint in real-time is a powerful idea, I think.

Upcoming (now brought to you by Yahoo) is a compelling new technology that seems to hold promise for the average Joe’s out there who want to use Social Media, but need tools to help organize their life and keep up with their friends. The ability to select your own social calendar will have broad appeal to those for whom platforms like Twitter have limited appeal.

Scoble makes an interesting point. Anyone jumping into the newer social networking sites would still be considered an early adopter. That should be a challenge to media relations folk who might fancy themselves permanently out of the loop, or on the outside of what they hope is a passing fad. It’s not too late, and there is no excuse. Put the phone down for a second.

Someone asks a question that gets Scoble on a roll. His company’s IT department acts as a bottleneck for video production. As a result, his company simply doesn’t produce video, and he was wondering if Scoble had a solution. Of course he does. He whips out his cell phone and immediately broadcasts the room live across the net via Qik, and he doesn’t need approval from the PR department to do it (his words).

But this is a very important consideration. Many companies adhere to processes that simply fail to take social media into consideration. As such, an ambitious marketer can do an end-run around process. This can be a (contentious) path to efficiency, but it can also lead to pitfalls, not to mention hurt feelings.

That said, I think the lesson here is for companies to have processes that take burgeoning forms of media into consideration when honing processes. We should be leveraging new technologies to make our jobs easier, if we can, and deliver more efficiently for our clients. If bottlenecks are impeding what’s next, well, let’s break some necks. Can I trademark that phrase?

Speaking of which, the session ends when Mr. Scoble is cut off, just as he was getting to the good stuff. It’s 10:00 am, and heaven knows I didn’t just come all the way here just to see some super-influential blogger. Doesn’t new media require a new rethinking of time? That sounds like fodder for a future post.

2 Responses to “Blogginz Yer Presentationz – Scoblizin Yer Paradigmz”

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    […] is given by Mike Moran, a distinguished engineer from IBM, who starts out with a question: Did Robert Scoble make you feel technologically stupid this morning and now you’re thinking you have to listen […]

  2. Joe McMurphy Says:

    Scoble is a fake. He has been trashing fastcompany for months since he failed to do anything there. Recently he let his first hire Shel Israel get blasted by NY videoblogger Loren Feldman. Scoble’s content has been horrible.

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