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Are You Ready For PR?

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, October 6th, 2005 - Comments »

It seems like a silly question, but being ready for a Public Relations program is very important. By “ready”, I really mean “committed” and “engaged”.

If the executive management of a company is not engaged in the public relations program, succeeding will be very difficult because the company will get in the way of its own success.

In order for a PR agency to generate media coverage, the PR specialists need news and content. Where does this news come from? The client.

If the client is not engaged, not only is extracting news a painful experience for the PR agency, but client expectations are still high. Where’s the media coverage?

At this point, the PR pro feels like banging his or her head against a brick wall. Unfortunately, being psychic is not one of their talents.

Yet, executives that are not ready for PR often fail to understand why they need to be involved in the program and, indeed, feel that the PR agency should be able to whip up news out of thin air.

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