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Push Pull PR: Optimizing News Content

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The buzz about SEO in the public relations industry has grown steadily over the past 2-3 years. Press releases were the easy target for promotion as candidates for optimization. With the growing use of Google and Yahoo News, optimizing press releases have been an easy way to gain prominent visibility with nominal effort.

As both a SEO and a PR practitioner for the past 8+ years, I get to educate clients and audiences at both PR & Search Marketing conferences. At public relations conferences, I’m the SEO guy talking about optimized PR. At search marketing conferences, I’m the PR guy talking about using PR for SEO.

The continuing convergence of both PR and SEO is inevitable. Neither is based on pay to play, although there are advertorial and paid editorial placement offerings. Editorial visibility in offline and online publications is for the most part “earned” as are the top rankings of web pages on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Public relations practitioners have significantly warmed up to well documented possibilities and opportunities to extend their effectiveness for clients through implementing search engine optimization into their programs. The reality is that PR doesn’t have control over all of a companies digital assets.

DDL Helps Ensure Medical Device Packaging Professionals Recognize Importance of Vibration Testing

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Importance of Vibration Testing Not Realized By Large Percentage of Medical Device Packaging ProfessionalsMINNEAPOLIS –August 12, 2008 — — DDL, the leading product and package testing services firm specializing in medical device package testing, recently discovered through the company’s July “Vibration Testing Quizzler” that only 46 percent of Medical Device Packaging Professionals truly understand that vibration testing can prevent defective products or packaging from going to market.In his winning Vibration Testing Quizzler response, David Anderson VP of Research & Development at GT Urological stated, “When there is the slightest chance that any of our medical products will be exposed to a transportation, operation or storage environment, it is vital that we implement vibration testing before going to market.”The vibration testing quizzler question below received answers from nearly 200 medical device packaging professionals.Question: Package and product testing should always be expanded to include vibration testing when there is a chance of exposure to what environments?


Percent Responded:



Operation and Storage


All of the Above


Digital Asset Optimization for News Content

Monday, August 4th, 2008

News Content Digital Asset Optimization

By Lee Odden

In the world of using search engine optimization tactics for extending the reach of media relations, optimizing press releases alone leaves a tremendous opportunity untouched.

Increasing numbers of companies have realized this and are adopting more formal holistic news content optimization strategies. Digital Asset Optimization is a SEO Point of View that our search marketing agency, TopRank started developing in early 2007.

Limiting news content optimization to press releases with a web site rich with news, media coverage and digital assets leaves a lot of the “good stuff” out of the scope of SEO attention. There’s a tremendous opportunity for a competitive advantage in search engine PR when all of the news content digital assets involved with the SEO effort.

The first step to managing a news digital asset optimization program is to take inventory of the media assets and content types that are currently being created. It is important not to discount content because it is not published online. Many types of press clippings, news coverage, digital communications, video and image assets can be repurposed for news content optimization and promotion.

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