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H.M. Cragg Co., a Leading Master Distributor of Backup Power UPS Solutions, Announces New Website Exclusively for Resellers

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

As a centralized resource, H.M. Cragg’s new website provides resellers key information on marketing and selling Powerware UPS and other backup power solutions. Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 30, 2007 — — H.M. Cragg Co., a MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), UPS Batteries, and PEM Fuel Cells, has launched a new website exclusively for resellers of its Powerware UPS solutions.The following Eaton products are available to H.M. Cragg Co. resellers:

  • 300 VA – 18kVA Single Phase UPS
  • 10kVA – 30kVA 3 Phase UPS
  • UPS Communications Options and Remote Notification
  • Extended Run-time Solutions
  • Server Racks and Accessories

With over 100 years combined experience, the H.M. Cragg Co. team focuses on distributing power solutions engineered to increase:

  • Uptime and availability of applications and processes, and
  • End-user ROI

“H.M. Cragg Co. is excited to offer resellers of backup power solutions a unique resource in which to retrieve product, service and industry information,” said Paul Heggestad, President of H.M. Cragg Co. “We are dedicated to offering resellers the tools they need to better serve their clients.H.M. Cragg Co. provides resellers with the following:

  • Powerware UPS products available for same and next day shipping

Blogs Social Media Index

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Steve Rubel recently made reference to a ranking of PR blogs in the form of a Social Media Index. The actual listing and ordering of blogs according to various criteria was posted at Edelman’s Europe CEO blog, SixtySecondView.

Our SEO firm’s blog, Online Marketing Blog was included in each permutation of the list using a wide variety of criteria. I have yet to see so many different criteria used in any other ranking of marketing or PR blogs. That includes the AdAge Power 150 and Onalytica’s ranking of the most influential blogs, both of which include TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.

Such lists always attract a bit of scrutiny and criticism, as they should. It keeps them honest or outs them as otherwise.

Successful Aging in the United States is Tied to Livable Communities, Declares Aging Services Provider Ecumen

Friday, August 24th, 2007

The age wave presents new community planning and development opportunities for American cities Shoreview, MN (PRWEB) August 24, 2007 — – Aging services provider Ecumen, Minnesota’s largest non-profit senior housing company, is encouraging cities to embrace strategies of creating livable communities for all ages as the United States faces an unprecedented demographic shift.Kathryn Roberts, Ecumen’s CEO & president, described this strategy in her editorial piece “The Age Wave, Successful Aging and Liveable Communities” published August 10th in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It looks at how the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul need to prepare for a much older population.”The Twin Cities area, like other communities nationwide, has an unprecedented opportunity to create communities that promote successful aging,” states Roberts.Where the challenge, and opportunity, lies in the age wave, as articulated by Minnesota state demographer Tom Gillaspy, is that our population is aging in record numbers.”These things usually creep along at the speed of a glacier,” states Gillaspy. “Not so with aging. In demographic terms, this is a tsunami.”Solutions must take into account that there is far more at stake than simple logistics of infrastructure. To ensure success, vibrant communities that support the notion of creating home wherever one chooses to live must be developed in fairly rapid fashion.Members of the Silent Generation and Baby Boom Generation represent the most educated, technologically connected, discerning group of seniors our nation has ever seen. Many communities nationwide, including the Twin Cities metro, are unprepared for what this group will desire as they age.”This demographic does not want to age in isolation,” continues Roberts. “They want to be near family and friends, easy-access transportation, health care, learning, exercise, shopping, worship places and other gathering hubs that feed the mind, body and soul.”Communities such as Atlanta are beginning to develop solutions. In response to their age wave, the city’s regional commission has formed Aging Atlanta, with more than 50 public, private and nonprofit partners. It has surveyed metro Atlantans 55 and older to see how they view aging and how they plan to live.Atlanta is an example of a community that is embracing aging and planning ahead, but here is still a great deal of work to do in preparing nationally for the aging of America.”Aging is not partisan,” concludes Roberts. “We all do it. And if we do this right, we should all benefit from it.”About EcumenEcumen ( is based in Shoreview, Minn., and is one of the largest non-profit senior housing companies in the United States. In addition to owning senior housing communities, it provides senior housing management and senior housing development services for others. The name Ecumen comes from the word ecumenical, which in turn is derived from the Greek word for home: “Oikos.” Ecumen works to create “home” for older adults wherever they choose to live. Ecumen is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and has 4,000 team members. Ecumen’s “Changing Aging” blog is located at

Second Laboratory Dedicated to Environmental Testing Opened by DDL in Response to Rapid Growth

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

New facility will ensure record time to market for DDL’s ever growing client baseMinneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 22, 2007 — – DDL, a leading package testing services firm, specializing in medical device package testing, has substantially expanded its second laboratory dedicated to environmental testing in Eden Prairie, MN.The facility, dubbed Opportunity Court, was initially developed last year as a response to DDL’s rapid growth and an increased demand for environmental testing services. The laboratory immediately allowed DDL to effectively and efficiently take on more projects.With the recent expansion, DDL’s growth in capacity mirrors the new level of achievement it’s able to provide for its ever growing client base.”The expanded environmental testing laboratory ensures the fastest possible response time when it comes to starting projects for our current and future clients,” states John Hart, CEO of DDL. “This means that our clients can deliver their product to market intact and in record time.”In the medical device testing industry, time to market is absolutely critical as firms must quickly ensure their products safely weather conditions to reach those that need them most.DDL’s expansion makes it possible for its clients to achieve the required time to market via a testing chamber capacity that has been expanded to 1178 cubic feet.”The expansion of DDL’s chambers ensures that the rapid and efficient service our current clients have come to expect are not affected as we take on an ever growing client base,” states Patrick Nolan, COO of DDL.DDL’s chamber expansion has also grown to include the addition of ISTA Conditioning chambers. These chambers allow for tests that will challenge the strength and robustness of not just the medical device’s packaging, but the product and package combination.”Ultimately, our clients need to be assured that not only will the package stand up to conditions, but so will the product,” continues Nolan. “By expanding our chamber capacity, and by adding chambers dedicated to ISTA conditioning, our clients are assured that their product, packaging and all, will survive its journey to the end user.”About DDLDDL offers expert package testing, product testing and material testing services including shock testing, vibration testing, tensile testing, leak testing and validation. DDL package testing clients find value through its growing suite of PackServices: PackAdvice, a zero-cost package testing consulting service, and PackReview, a DDL approved certification to demonstrate compliance with ISO 11607 (clause 7). DDL Testing Services maintains full service testing labs in Minnesota and California.

Evolving Solutions Proudly Offers Powerful New Data Replication Solution in Collaboration With Partner NetApp

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

ReplicatorX will allow Evolving Solutions customers to achieve migration from any data storage device to any storage device, regardless of brand or physical distanceMinneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 8, 2007 — — Evolving Solutions, a leading storage consolidation and server virtualizaton provider, has announced its new offering of ReplicatorX data replication solutions in collaboration with partner NetApp.”NetApp’s ReplicatorX solutions are revolutionary in the sense that our customers will now be able to share data between any brand of data storage devices, whether they reside in the same room, state, or even country,” states Chris Taylor, Evolving Solutions Director of Professional Services and Solution Sales.Before ReplicatorX, data migration could be a financially daunting trial for firms of any size. Larger firms would face the challenge of sharing data between globally spread servers. Smaller firms, meanwhile, would face the hurdle of making costly upgrades to secondary storage devices to sync with the primary server.ReplicatorX will minimize financial concerns of smaller firms by allowing data to easily synch between large, primary storage devices to smaller, less expensive devices, while simultaneously making the concerns of sharing data on a global scale a thing of the past for larger firms.”We’re proud to announce this new offering that will help our clients, big and small, achieve their IT goals,” continues Taylor. “ReplicatorX ensures an efficient solution for our customers most pressing IT needs.”About Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions is an open systems technology integration firm that provides business solutions for Storage Consolidation, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Tivoli Storage Manager and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Evolving Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner with a Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC). For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at # #

New Senior Housing Developed by Aging Services Provider Ecumen in North Branch, MN, Shows How Communities Can Ready for the Age Wave

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

The Villages of North Branch transforms traditional nursing home into a community people are proud to call home. Shoreview, MN (PRWEB) August 7, 2007 — Aging services provider Ecumen (, Minnesota’s largest non-profit senior housing company, is working to transform long-term care with the opening of the senior living community, The Villages of North Branch in North Branch, Minn. The new senior housing community is an example of how communities can meet growing assisted living and care needs.The Villages of North Branch, a $22 million development, replaces a 1950s-style county-operated nursing home and departs from the traditional nursing home model. Institutional hallways are replaced by small neighborhoods and it features technology to help seniors live as independently as possible. The Villages of North Branch is senior housing that is designed to be an integral part of the larger community, with its cafĂ©, chapel and meeting rooms open for use by community groups.”Aging is all about living, even at the very end of life,” said Leah Killian-Smith, who is the Ecumen leader at The Villages of North Branch. “We’re eliminating the institutionalism and isolation that assisted living can sometimes be known for, by connecting people to each other and promoting vital, successful aging.”The new Ecumen community is wired with QuietCare sensor technology that can help Villages team members spot small health problems before they grow larger and inhibit independence. CareTracker technology eliminates paper recordkeeping and allows team members to spend more time with residents. The Villages also is fully wired for high-speed internet.”In the previous nursing home, we operated by sets of rules that took the spontaneity out of life,” said Killian-Smith. “Five glasses of fluid and a handful of pills for breakfast isn’t normal. Two eggs sunny side up with bacon and hash browns, a glass of juice with no meds because they have them before eating is much more normal. Now people get up when they want and eat when they want. That sounds so simple, but in so many assisted living communities it’s not. It’s time for that to change in America.”About EcumenEcumen ( is based in Shoreview, Minn., and is one of the largest non-profit senior housing companies in the United States. The name Ecumen comes from the word ecumenical, which in turn is derived from the Greek word for home: “Oikos.” Ecumen works to create “home” for older adults wherever they choose to live. Ecumen is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and has 4,000 team members. Ecumen’s “Changing Aging” blog is located at

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