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Real Estate Blogging Book, Realty Blogging, Climbs to Number #1 on for Best Selling Weblog Books

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Real Estate Blog Marketing Leaders Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney’s New Book offers Realtors the Know-How to Implement and Succeed at BloggingPrinceton Junction, NJ — December 28, 2006 — Real Estate Online Marketing Leaders Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney’s new book, Realty Blogging, is now the best-selling weblogs book on”Nacht and Chaney are the first ones to specifically address the huge potential blogging holds for real estate professionals. The authors go beyond the hype and explain in detail the tangible benefits of real-estate industry blogging when used as a strategic marketing medium,” said John E. Featherstone, Publisher of Real Estate Magazine.Realty Blogging shows Realtors how to utilize blogs as a direct-communication marketing tool giving the reader the know-how to capture the interest and business of local homeowners, buyers and sellers.Nacht and Chaney have leveraged their extensive blogging, real estate and online marketing experience to help Realtors:-Develop an effective Internet Marketing Strategy-Generate leads consistently at almost no cost-Establish long-term relationships with your customers-Create content that attracts major search engines-Create buzz about his/her blog in local media-Define him/herself as an expert in a particular area-Serve his/her market niche”A number one spot on Amazon is a fantastic achievement,” said Richard Nacht. “We are equally excited to introduce the real estate industry to blogging as an online marketing tool and to help them leverage blogs in the most effective ways possible.”Nacht and Chaney also collaborate via their positions at Blogging Systems where Nacht is CEO and Chaney is VP of Marketing.In a recent real estate marketing survey, sponsored by Blogging Systems and conducted by Global Research Center, 68% of those who took the survey listed blogging as a focus for 2007.”Blogging as a real estate marketing tool continues to grow at an exceptional rate,” said Paul Chaney. “As more realtors leverage blogs successfully to build brand awareness and generate leads, others in the industry will have to follow in order to stay competitive.”Learn how to leverage a blog as part of your marketing mix today by purchasing Realty Blogging.About Richard NachtRichard Nacht is the founder and CEO of Blogging Systems. Richard has over twenty years in the real estate, finance and technology development industries. Richard has focused his talents on creating e-commerce strategies aimed at producing technologies that benefit the consumer and businesses.Richard founded one of the first online lending platforms in the late 1990s and took the operation from its original online birth to successful acquisition by a national lender in 2003. Richard then leveraged his online consumer and business to business marketing experience by founding Blogging Systems.Richard has led Blogging Systems as the leader in the rapidly growing area of corporate blogging by delivering a blogging platform that produces a low-cost, high results tool for effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales, and customer relations.About Paul ChaneyPaul Chaney is the Vice President of Marketing for Blogging Systems. Paul has been a business blog consultant for the past three years and is widely known and respected in that field. He understands at a granular level how blogs can be used as a tool for marketing communications and has worked with a number of clients assisting them in deploying a blog marketing strategy.With more than seven years of online marketing experience, Paul has become a leading proponent of using blogs as business marketing and communications tools.Paul has served as Technical Editor on a number of For Dummies series books related to blogs and Internet marketing, and was contributing writer on Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, published by Wiley.About Blogging SystemsBlogging Systems provides real estate blog platforms that produce a low-cost, high results tool for Community networking (both offline and on the internet), effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales and customer relations.Blogging Systems provides turn-key Community blog networks which are the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Ours is a “soup to nuts” approach with experienced blog professionals who guide clients through the process step-by-step. Not only do we provide the most robust real estate blog platform on the market today, we back it up with training and technical support. Clients receive a turn-key system and the training and knowledge needed to use it as a complete real estate marketing system.For more information about how to add a blog to your real estate marketing tools, visit: or call: 800-985-BLOG (800-985-2564).

Sheehy Auto Stores Sells 109 Cars and Grosses Over $265,633 in Unit and Service Sales During First 90 Days of Outsell Interactive Marketing Program Pilot

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Minneapolis, MN, December 28, 2006 – Outsell LLC, the fastest growing Internet auto sales and marketing company, has signed a group agreement with auto dealer, Sheehy Auto Stores, which is expected to yield over $3,000,000 in gross profit for sales and service in 2007 via interactive marketing and live automotive chat.“Outsell has been extremely successful in driving customers into our dealership,” said Roy Reutter, Corporate eBusiness Director at Sheehy Auto Stores. “Outsell was a great investment in 2006. Only 3 months into the program, we recorded a 18:1 return on investment. We are obviously looking forward to growing with Outsell in 2007.”The Sheehy Interactive Sales and Marketing program from Outsell includes:• Interactive email newsletters• Email marketing and promotions• Live automotive chat• Prospect list development and maintenance• Customized reporting, tracking and analysisOutsell creates and manages interactive email newsletters, email promotions and live automotive chat, enabling customers to instantaneously enter into a live discussion with a car expert who turns conversations into sales “ups” for the dealership. “Outsell understands that dealerships have one desire – to increase car and fixed operations sales,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell LLC. “Interactive marketing is a proven way of engaging the prospect and growing dealership sales every month.”Read the full case study on Sheehy Auto Stores at: OutsellOutsell ( is a leader in Internet Auto Sales targeting auto dealers who want to significantly increase car and fixed operations sales via the Internet.Via its Internet Auto Sales Machine, Outsell is able to:• Attract customers through automotive search engine marketing and interactive email marketing• Engage prospects with live automotive chat• Develop opportunities and appointments that lead to cars sold via its Internet Business Development Center (BDC) service• Grow customer relationships from one car buy to an ongoing profitable customer relationship by providing real time communication and online information through out the customer lifecycle.As the fastest growing Internet auto sales company, Outsell is a fire-breathing, tire-squealing Internet auto sales machine — Results. Guaranteed.About Sheehy Auto StoresSheehy Auto Stores is a family-owned car dealership with 18 stores in the Washington D.C. area. Sheehy is the largest retailer of Fords in the region and sells 50% of all the Fords sold in the Richmond metro. Sheehy is also one of the largest Nissan dealers in the Mid-Atlantic with 4 locations. Other franchises include Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Kia, Lexus, and Infiniti. For more information, visit

Christmas Cheer

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…….. Ever wonder why?

I’m the first to say that I love Christmas and it is truly a magical time. I love decorating the tree and singing along to Christmas carols and songs. I love the jingling of bells and the multi-colored lights adorning people’s houses. I love the “mood” of Christmas. By “mood”, I mean the uplifting feel-good atmosphere that accompanies the holidays. For me, it’s all sensory – music, smells, decorations, the feel of snow on my cheek and the taste of sugar cookies.

What builds this sensory experience? The Media, of course.
When our hearts fill with warmth while watching a performance of White Christmas…….
When we hum along to “Last Christmas” and announce “I love this song!”
When we go shopping for our tree and think it’s like something out of a movie……..

I may be a sucker for the Media’s portrayal of Christmas, but I love it.

Chain Bloggers

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Remember those chain letters from your childhood? I would always groan when a friend sent me a letter that I would then have to replicate 5 times – by hand, I will add! Nothing was done by computer back then. Thankfully, when I was tagged today by my co-worker, Thomas McMahon, I knew that I could tap, tap, tap away on my keyboard and churn something out in half the time of the old days.

So, here you go, five things you never knew about me. Another interesting Web 2.0 move and very viral indeed!

1. I was born in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where my English-born parents lived for 3 years before my birth. I then grew up in Sheffield, England, before moving to the USA in 2003.

2. I speak fluent Spanish and lived for a year in Santiago, Chile, and also for a year in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I met my Minnesotan husband.

3. When I was a child, I always wanted to be a journalist. It wasn’t until I graduated from University that Public Relations sparked my interest.

Best Selling Realtor in America, Ralph Roberts, Endorses Real Estate Blog from Blogging Systems

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Named Best-Selling Realtor in America by Time Magazine, Ralph Roberts details why real estate blogging is the way to win in real estate.

Princeton Junction, NJ — December 14, 2006 — – Community Publisher, Blogging Systems’ flagship blogging platform, is gaining endorsement from the biggest names in the industry, including Ralph Roberts, for its ability to position a Realtor as the thought leader in the local community.

Ralph Roberts, the best-selling Realtor in America according to Time Magazine, recently deployed Community Publisher believing that the Realtor who is first to leverage blogging to build community relationships will become the community thought leader not only for news and information, but for real estate transactions as well.

This is accomplished by Community Publisher’s unique platform design that incorporates the brand of the hosting real estate company on each page of the local website, the benefit of which enables the Realtor to increase brand awareness among customer and prospects.

“For any Realtor in the Top 10% of their marketplace, Community Publisher is their ticket to the number one position. For the Realtor who is number one, Community Publisher is their ticket to staying there,” said Roberts.

Storage Virtualization&Data On Demand Provider, Evolving Solutions, Celebrates 10 Years of Success – Explains How The IT Storage Industry Has Evolved

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Minneapolis, MN, December 14, 2006 – Evolving Solutions, an IT storage architect providing data on demand, storage virtualization and disaster recovery solutions, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.Evolving Solutions offers IT storage architecture services and solutions to help businesses optimize their storage environment for better efficiency and a greater total cost of ownership.  As Evolving Solutions has grown in the last ten years, co-founders Jaime Gmach and Rebecca Olson have watched the IT storage industry also evolve.“It’s amazing to reflect on how much we have achieved in the last 10 years,” said Jaime Gmach, President and CEO.  “We have grown Evolving Solutions from a husband and wife duo into a $60 Million company with 49 employees. Not only has Evolving Solutions been consistently named one of the fastest growing companies in the Twin Cities, but we have also been recognized as a rapidly growing storage company on a national level.”At their inception in 1996, Evolving Solutions had many requests for RS6000 hardware and peripherals.  Evolving Solutions differentiated itself by providing technical support which today still remains one of its main differentiators.  Over the past few years, the IT storage industry has started to focus more and more on storage and server virtualization technology and the related benefits, including greater total cost of ownership and a positive impact on a company’s bottom-line.Server and storage virtualization solutions are a step towards autonomic computing, which is Evolving Solutions’ ultimate goal – to be able to offer customers effortless data on-demand.From their humble beginnings in an old warehouse with 2 computers and 2 phones, to their present day 25,000 square foot warehouse and office facility in Hamel, MN, Evolving Solutions is focused on continuing to grow at a whirlwind pace.  By evolving their business in response to industry needs, Evolving Solutions has increased its revenue year over year.“The IT storage industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years,” said Rebecca Olson, Vice President, Evolving Solutions.  “We are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of technology development so as to give our customers the best service possible.”For more information on Evolving Solutions’ cutting edge solutions, including server virtualization, storage virtualization and data on-demand. visit Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions is an IT storage architect and open systems technology integration firm that provides business solutions for Data On Demand, Storage Consolidation, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Evolving Solutions is both a CRN Magazine Fast Growth 100 and a Twin Cities Business Journal Fast 50 company. Evolving Solutions is also an IBM Premier Business Partner with an onsite Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC).

Master Distributor of Quality Backup Power – H.M. Cragg Co. – Now Offers New Eaton Powerware 9140 to Resellers

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

H.M. Cragg Co. offers new, flexible UPS Battery to its resellers reducing rack space and increasing backup power supply.MINNEAPOLIS — December 13, 2006 — – H.M. Cragg Co., the leading provider of quality power solutions including Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), UPS Batteries, and PEM Fuel Cells, is offering the new Eaton Powerware 9140 Product to its resellers.Recently released, the Powerware 9140 UPS provides de-centralized power protection for medium and high-density rack environments. The new 9140 delivers:

  • Power – online, double-conversion delivers 7.5-10kVA in 6U of rack space including batteries
  • Endurance – reliable service in medium and high-density rack environments, extends the life of protected IT equipment
  • Flexibility – remote monitoring from anywhere while freeing up rack space for essential IT equipment

The 9140 UPS systems protect rackmount applications from downtime, data loss/corruption and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power.”Backup power is very important to all businesses in ensuring business-critical information is not lost during power outage downtimes,” said Paul Heggestad, President of H.M. Cragg Co. “H.M. Cragg Co. is very proud to provide its resellers with top of the line backup power products to help their end-users protect information assets.”To learn more about H.M. Cragg Co’s dedication to its Resellers, attend its new Reseller Online Open House: H.M. Cragg Co.H.M. Cragg Co. is a premier MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).Products include Anderson Connectors, C & D Technologies, Inc. batteries, Rittal Cabinets and Eaton Powerware UPS and UPS batteries. More information about the company can be found at

Business Analysis Training Company – Watermark Learning – Reveals the Biggest Challenges Facing Today’s Business Analysts

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Minneapolis, MN, December 13, 2006 – Watermark Learning, a leading business analysis and project management training firm, is addressing the biggest challenge facing today’s business analysts.Many companies today understand the benefit of growing the business analysis functions in their organization. While business analysis can add much value to organizations by increasing corporate efficiency and helping to launch new products and services, there are emerging challenges to be addressed.“I believe the biggest challenge in projects today is defining requirements,” said Richard Larson, Co-Principal of Watermark Learning. “Business requirements analysis is a recurring challenge and getting requirements right is harder than ever.”According to Larson, the main issues surrounding requirements definition are:• Lack of time to gather and analyze requirements• Clients provide solutions in the guise of requirements• Finding necessary stakeholders and getting them to consensus once they are found• Clients cannot articulate their requirements or provide incomplete requirements• Changing and volatile requirements“With the evolution of technology and global business, there are even more complications added to the requirements definition mix,” said Larson. “Cross cultural relations and geographically dispersed stakeholders all contribute to the challenge.”Watermark Learning recognizes the importance of effective business requirements analysis and has focused on it since 1992, including featuring it through its business analysis training and certification program.Listen to a podcast about effective business requirements analysis at Watermark LearningWatermark Learning is a leading project management training, business analysis certification and requirements analysis skill development company. Watermark Learning is also a Project Management Institute (PMI®) Global Registered Education Provider, and an IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Endorsed Education Provider. Watermark Learning is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and provides business analysis and project management training courses for clients around the world. More information about the company can be found at

Public Relations And The Independent Press

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

I was recently approached by a postgraduate PR student at Leeds Metropolitan University, who is doing a thesis on media relations between PR pros and the Independent Press. Below is the interview that took place between us.

Do you think it is important for PR people to establish relationships with the independent press? If yes, why?

The relationships that PR people develop directly tie to the kinds of companies that they represent. I do PR for a lot of technology companies based in Minnesota so it is therefore important for me to have relationships with local and trade publications as well as the big conglomerate types. My clients want to reach as many prospects as possible so we are looking to get coverage in pubs that have a) high circulation and b) are comprised of the client’s target readership. As more conglomerates flood local markets and steal readership away from the independent publications, those conglomerate publications automatically become more of a focus for PR efforts because they have the readership. At the same time, it is important for PR people to develop relationships with all publications in the geo/industry they are targeting but the “quality” of the coverage is based on the client’s perception of which publication reaches the right audience and enough of them.

Data On Demand Expert, Evolving Solutions, Addresses Key Business Issues with ITxRAY (SM)

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Minneapolis, MN, December 7, 2006 — Evolving Solutions, a data on demand and storage virtualization expert, has launched ITxRAY (SM), a new service designed to provide businesses with a snapshot view and analysis of their current datacenter environment.Evolving Solutions’ new service “X Rays” businesses’ datacenter environment and provides a detailed inventory of your servers/hosts, storage, applications, services running, and other mission critical data.“Sometimes, businesses don’t know there’s a problem or that they could be operating more efficiently,” said Chris Taylor, Director of Professional Services and Solution Sales, Evolving Solutions. “Organizations can now come to Evolving Solutions for an ITxRAY like patients would go to a doctor.”Evolving Solutions uses the in-depth picture provided by ITxRAY to address key business issues faced by today’s CIOs and IT professionals. Properly addressing these issues can reduce overall costs while optimizing and improving service levels for customers and the organization as a whole.The biggest challenges faced by today’s IT professionals that can be addressed using ITxRAY include:• Under-utilized Servers & Storage• Compliance• RTO/RPO do not meet changing business climates• Redundant software licenses• Data retention policies are not enforced or in place at all• Business Continuity risks• Servers and clients exposed to security threats and risks• Inconsistent software & hardware levels• Unnecessary applications and services running on servers• Servers/IT assets used for “non-business” related activities”Compliance is an ongoing issue for many companies,” said Larry Letsinger, Solutions Sales Executive at Evolving Solutions, “while ITxRAY cannot confirm whether a company is in compliance with a specific regulation, it can highlight the compliance gaps in the system and offer ways to prepare for a compliance audit.”Evolving Solutions was named last month as a finalist in Upsize Magazine’s Business Builders Awards for Best Practices in Technology and Innovation for their agentless, non-intrusive ITxRAY datacenter analysis tool.For more information on ITxRAY and to request an ITxRAY of your company’s datacenter environment, visit Evolving Solutions Evolving Solutions is an IT storage architect and open systems technology integration firm that provides business solutions for Data On Demand, Storage Consolidation, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Evolving Solutions is both a CRN Magazine Fast Growth 100 and a Twin Cities Business Journal Fast 50 company. Evolving Solutions is also an IBM Premier Business Partner with an onsite Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC). For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at

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