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Outsell LLC Announces Third Quarter Profits – Achieves 255% Revenue Growth via Internet BDC&Online Marketing Service Offerings

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Minneapolis, MN, November 30, 2006 – Outsell, the fastest-growing Internet auto sales and marketing firm, has announced a 255% year over year revenue growth, achieved in the third quarter of 2006.Outsell is attributing its success to huge response from auto dealers for online marketing, email marketing, “Live Chat” and its Internet Business Development Center (BDC) service.”During the third quarter, Outsell witnessed an incredible surge in dealer interest in our total Internet BDC solution,” said Mike Wethington, Outsell President and CEO. “Auto Dealers are attracted to our results-based partnership model where Outsell’s compensation is tied completely to the number and quality of units sold during the previous month.”Outsell signed 20 new dealer clients in the third quarter for the Internet BDC service offering. The majority of these contracts were for a “total” Internet sales and marketing solution where dealers outsource the management and execution of all Internet sales and marketing activity. This includes the management of all third party lead providers, all Internet marketing initiatives and the initial pre-sales contact to prospective customers from all lead provider sources, including dealer website, manufacture and third party leads within 15 minutes of consumer submission of the lead.”With Outsell’s comprehensive Internet sales and marketing services, dealers do not have to worry about managing the complexity of the Internet,” said Wethington. “Outsell’s results-driven approach delivers increased sales for the dealer every month.”Outsell’s Interactive Email Marketing services have also contributed to its rapid growth. During the third quarter, Outsell developed over 250 campaigns and delivered emails to over 1,705,000 automotive shoppers in the United States.Outsell also released its new Interactive Email Marketing platform to all of its dealer clients. The new platform provides the automotive industry with the first dynamically generated content capability. With Outsell’s new platform, dealers are able to provide customers with a choice of which content elements they wish to receive (EG: dealer specials, automotive brand news, dealership news, service and maintenance topics, general interest topics). This allows dealers to provide customers with information that is most relevant to them.For more information on Outsell’s total Internet sales and marketing solutions, visit www.outsell.comAbout OutsellOutsell is a proven way for auto dealers and manufacturers to dramatically increase sales. In some cases dealers are tripling monthly Internet car sales. The company’s unmatched Internet sales and interactive marketing services help dealers attract, engage, develop and grow.Because its compensation is based on success, Outsell is dedicated to delivering its dealers measurable results.

Stetson University College of Law Wins Second Annual Arbitration Competition National Finals

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Competition draws participants from 23 national law schools. Minneapolis, MN (PRWeb) November 28, 2006 — — Stetson University College of Law, represented by Megan Lattz, Shannon McMahon, Sarah Olsen and Stuart Weissman, defeated eleven other law school teams in the second annual Arbitration Competition National Finals held in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 17-18. The competition was co-sponsored by the National Arbitration Forum and the ABA Law Student Division.Each team argued in a mock arbitration that was judged by attorneys, National Arbitration Forum arbitrators and other nationally recognized arbitrators. During the mock arbitration hearings, four-member teams acted as lawyers and witnesses in an insurance coverage dispute involving a disaster. Students prepared and presented an arbitration case, including opening statements, witness examinations, exhibit introductions, evidentiary presentations and summations.”The students really learn the nuances of case development, which is a difficult and crucial skill to master,” said professors Kelly Feeley and Roberta Flowers of Stetson University College of Law, coaches of the 2006 National Champion team. “Honing these skills in law school makes these students more attractive to employers who want new associates prepared for all areas of the practice. We are so pleased that this competition has been added to the ABA Law Student Division’s roster of competitions. Participation and success in the arbitration competition benefits students both during and after law school.”This year’s Arbitration Competition saw an increase in student participation and school representation. A total of 108 students from 23 American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law schools attended the Regional Competitions, with 48 students from 10 schools advancing to the National Finals in Austin. This is a significant increase from 2005, when 80 students from 20 ABA-approved law schools participated at the inaugural Arbitration Competition at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn.The National Finals were held at the home of 2005 National Champion Team, the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, who this year took third place. Teams, composed of ABA Law Student Division members, made their way to the National Finals by competing in the Regional Competitions and earning a spot as a Champion, Finalist or Semifinalist. Regional Competitions took place over two weekends in October and were hosted by the University of Miami School of Law, University of Toledo College of Law and Marquette University Law School.”The National Arbitration Forum is very pleased to continue sponsoring the ABA Law Student Division Arbitration Competition. This educational event helps aspiring lawyers learn about modern arbitration practice,” said Roger Haydock, director of education for the National Arbitration Forum and chair of the Arbitration Competition Subcommittee of the ABA Law Student Division’s Competitions Committee. “As the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) continues to rapidly grow, so does the need for experienced new professionals, and this national competition is an excellent way to spread the word about arbitration.”ResultsFirst Place, National Champion TeamStetson University College of Law, Megan Lattz, Shannon McMahon, Sarah Olsen and Stuart Weissman, coached by Professor Kelly Feeley and Professor Roberta Flowers.Second Place, Finalist TeamTexas Tech University, Jonathan Stovall, Derek Knolton, Geeda Yadav and Scott Goble, coached by Professor D. Murray Hensley.Third Place (tie), Semifinalist TeamsThe University of Texas School of Law, Courtney Barksdale, Dave Campbell, Wesley Cooper and Casey Kaplan, coached by Professor Tracy McCormack.William Mitchell College of Law, Megan Bjerke, Elizabeth Roff, Jennifer Ryan and Rebecca Sonntag, coached by Professor Christine Ver Ploeg and Adjunct Professor Dawn Van Tassel.About the ABA Law Student DivisionWith nearly 52,000 members, the ABA Law Student Division is the largest professional student organization in the United States. The division provides law students with opportunities for legal education, professional skills development and career counsel. Each year the division sponsors four competitions: the Arbitration Competition, the Client Counseling Competition, the National Appellate Advocacy Competition and the Negotiation Competition.About the American Bar AssociationWith more than 413,000 members, the American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law in a democratic society.About the National Arbitration ForumThe National Arbitration Forum (FORUM) is one of the world’s leading providers of alternative dispute resolution services, including arbitration and mediation. Committed to the integrity of America’s legal process, the National Arbitration Forum has maintained a distinguished panel of over 1,500 attorneys and retired judges who follow and apply the substantive law when rendering legal decisions for the past 20 years. National Arbitration Forum mediators and arbitrators are located across the U.S. and in 35 countries around the world. By administering dispute resolution solutions that save time and money, the National Arbitration Forum provides an efficient and effective service for all legal parties. Publisher of the ADR Law & Policy Update, the National Arbitration Forum is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in New Jersey and Southern California. For more information visit the National Arbitration Forum’s website at information about the arbitration competition and a photograph of this year’s National Champion Team, can be found on the FORUM blog,, and the ABA Law Student Division webpage, # #

Search Marketing – Glossary of Terms

Friday, November 24th, 2006

While I was at Pubcon last week, I realized that there were a lot of terms being thrown around that were possibly unfamiliar to less savvy, non-search marketer attendees. Here’s a glossary explaining some of the most popular phrases used at Pubcon.

Affiliate Marketing – It seemed like everyone I ran into at Pubcon was an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a website and a merchant whereby the merchant pays the website based on referrals. It is a popular form of marketing because the merchant only has to pay based on performance.

Anchor Text – This is the text used in a live link. If you’re optimizing for the word Pubcon, SEO best practices would encourage you to make “Pubcon” your anchor text and link it to a relevant website.

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the document format used on the Web. HTML defines the page layout and fonts as well as the hypertext links to other documents on the Web.

Link Bait – The best way to get a lot of inbound links is to provide some interesting content that encourages web users to link to it. Case in point, Chris Hooley did a good job at Pubcon with his Drink Bait concept. I’m linking to it 🙂

Photos & Videos from Pubcon 2006

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

I’m just beginning to get back to normal after a whirlwind week at WebmasterWorld Pubcon in Vegas last week. It was a great opportunity to learn more about SEO, social media, blog marketing and online PR in addition to meeting some of the big names in the industry.

Check out my Pubcon photos.

Lee Odden over at Online Marketing Blog did some fabulous video interviews in the pub on the final day of the conference.

WebProNews was also covering Pubcon and has a bunch of video interviews (including one with yours truly) available on their website.

National Arbitration Forum Issues Three Decisions on Internet Trademark Domain Name Disputes

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006, and MINNEAPOLIS, MN (PRWeb) November 21, 2006 — – The National Arbitration Forum recently issued decisions on three separate domain name disputes filed by Vin Diesel, Louis Vuitton and the New York Yankees during the month of September; each was settled within two months.”The National Arbitration Forum has administered over 7,200 domain dispute cases to date,” said Curtis Brown, vice president of the National Arbitration Forum. “Arbitration has become the premier alternative to lengthy and expensive trademark lawsuits.”All decisions were reached in accordance with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).www.VinDiesel.comOn September 25, 2006, Vin Diesel the lead actor in The Fast and the Furious and other Hollywood movies filed a complaint electronically with the National Arbitration Forum asserting legal rights to the domain name The arbitrator found that the domain name was being used by the Respondent, L.M. Nordell of Sweden to display links to various competing and non-competing commercial websites that relate to the famed actor.Because of his appearance in several popular films, the National Arbitration Forum arbitrator ruled in Vin Diesel’s favor, concluding that Diesel had established common law rights in the “Vin Diesel” trademark. The arbitrator ruled that was confusingly similar to the “Vin Diesel” trademark and that the Respondent registered and used the domain name in bad faith by incorporating the trademark without Diesel’s permission or consent. The arbitrator further ruled that the Respondent, lacked legitimate rights to, or interest in, the disputed domain name. On November 7, 2006, the Complainant successfully defended his trademark in domain name arbitration; was ordered to be transferred to Vin Diesel.www.LV.comOn September 14, 2006, the high-end fashion bag retailer Louis Vuitton Malletier filed a complaint electronically with the National Arbitration Forum against Manifest Information Services, the registered owner of The National Arbitration Forum found that the webpage resolved to a blank page that was once used as a directory of Las Vegas services and businesses.The Panel found that the owner of had legitimate interest in and had not used the domain name in bad faith. Although Louis Vuitton Malletier uses “LV” initials as a trademark, Louis Vuitton failed to meet all three elements required under the ICANN policy to transfer a domain name. For this reason, the National Arbitration Forum denied transfer of to Louis Vuitton on November 7, 2006.www.NYYankees.comThe New York Yankees, one of the world’s most recognized and followed professional sports teams, submitted their complaint electronically on September 14, 2006. The National Arbitration Forum found that the domain name, was being used by Covanta Corporation to display links of third-party commercial websites that sell tickets to baseball games as well as merchandise bearing the New York Yankees mark without authorization.The arbitrator found that the domain name was confusingly similar to the New York Yankees’ trademark and that the Respondent of had no legitimate interest in the domain name. Furthermore, the domain name was being used to attract Internet users for commercial gain by creating a likelihood of confusion between the disputed domain name and Complainant’s mark. Therefore, the domain name was registered and being used in bad faith. The National Arbitration Forum ordered to be transferred to the New York Yankees on November 14, 2006.Visit for more information on filing domain disputes with the National Arbitration Forum.About the National Arbitration ForumThe National Arbitration Forum is one of the world’s leading providers of alternative dispute resolution services, including arbitration and mediation. Committed to the integrity of America’s legal process, the National Arbitration Forum maintains a distinguished panel of over 1,500 attorneys and retired judges who follow and apply the substantive law when rendering legal decisions. National Arbitration Forum mediators and arbitrators are located across the U.S. and in 35 countries around the world. By administering dispute resolution solutions that save time and money, the National Arbitration Forum provides an efficient and effective service for all legal parties. A leader in the dispute resolution industry for 20 years, the National Arbitration Forum is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in New Jersey and Southern California. For more information visit the National Arbitration Forum’s website at information about the decisions can be found at:Vin Diesel v. LMN a/k/a L.M. NordellLouis Vuitton Malletier S.A. v. Manifest Information Services c/o Manifest Hostmaster New York Yankees Partnership d/b/a The New York Yankees Baseball Club v. Covanta Corporation###

Danny Sullivan Launches Search Engine Land

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Danny Sullivan along with Barry Schwartz and Chris Sherman are launching a new search news blog – Search Engine Land – on December 11th.

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John Battelle & Web 2.0

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Day 2 of WebmasterWorld Pubcon opened with a keynote address from John Battelle, who talked about the evolution of search, from the days of DOS to the current dominance of Google.

We are now entering into the era of Web 2.0, where companies start to understand that the Web is a platform that can be used to drive business.

The fundamental shift that is taking place is the dominance of “intent over content”. Marketing has traditionally been content driven. Now, consumers place their “intent” into the search box to be able to find their content.

Web 2.0 is about leveraging the Web via new phenomena such as social media and consumer generated media to get in front of and engage your prospects. Web 2.0 calls for marketing to a conversation rather than a dictation.

Automotive Internet sales and marketing firm, Outsell, is a good example of conversational marketing in play. Outsell manages a “Live Chat” service for its auto dealer clients and consults with potential car buyers via instant messenger. By providing expert counsel to potential customers, Outsell has found that it is able to increase car sales by an average of one car per month.

Yahoo! Or Google?

Friday, November 17th, 2006

This week, I attended a Yahoo! party at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas. The party was held in a private suite at the top of the Fantasy Towers with stunning views of the city and the Vegas “bling”.

As the number #2 search engine, behind Google, Yahoo is obviously very focused on gleaning information on why web browsers use Google over Yahoo.

Here are some reasons why Google is many users’ preference:

  • The Google interface is clean.
    The Yahoo! home page is filled with information and options and requires more “work” for the user to find the search box. There is also more distraction.
  • Google is first and foremost a search engine.
    Yahoo! is a news source, a shopping directory, a place to play fantasy sports etc.

It is true that Yahoo! offers more features than Google, but if my purpose is to “search”, I’m looking for a search engine that is simple and straight forward with results that are easy to navigate. I believe that the Yahoo! versus Google battle really is a usability issue.

H.M. Cragg Co. Announces New Role as Master Distributor for Eaton Powerware Products

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

MN-based provider of quality power solutions, H.M. Cragg Co., chosen as master distributor for Eaton Powerware backup power products.Minneapolis, MN — November 16, 2006 — — H.M. Cragg Co., a MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), UPS Batteries, and PEM Fuel Cells, today announced its new role as a Master Distributor for Eaton Powerware UPS Products.The newly signed agreement enables H.M. Cragg Co. to distribute Eaton Powerware products to resellers.”H.M. Cragg Co. is excited to adopt its new role as Master Distributor of Eaton Powerware products,” said Paul Heggestad, President of H.M. Cragg Co. “H.M. Cragg Co. was very successful as an Eaton Powerware value-added reseller. Our deep understanding of the tools and information resellers need to succeed will help us to better serve our resellers.”The following Eaton products will be available to H.M. Cragg Co. resellers:

  • 300 VA – 18kVA Single Phase UPS
  • 10kVA – 30kVA 3 Phase UPS
  • UPS Communications Options and Remote Notification
  • Extended Run-time Solutions
  • Server Racks and Accessories

Innovation Means Taking Risks

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

The keynote speaker at Pubcon yesterday was Guy Kawasaki, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, who spoke on”The Art of Innovation.” Kawasaki is a blogger and understands the lure of the Top 10 list, and proceeded to present a clear 10 steps to innovation.

Kawasaki made a valid point when he said “Part of being an innovator is being in denial”. A true innovator cannot listen to voices of opposition. History has shown that the most influential of inventions were opposed by non-believers. Most ground breaking inventions are fiercely opposed before they are ever accepted.

In 1977, Ken Olson, the Founder of Digital Equipment Corp said, “there is no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home.” Less than 30 years later, there is at least one computer in the majority of households.

Kawasaki himself told a personal story about his indecision years ago of whether to meet with a group of individuals starting a new business. “It’s too far to drive and I don’t see how it can be a business.” That company was Yahoo.

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