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Managing Client Expectations

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Every company has some clients that are more difficult than others. It stands to reason -when working with a large number of professionals, A-type personalities will be encountered.

For the PR professional, the A-type personality is probably the most difficult to work with. It is, therefore, crucial that PR agencies find a way of effectively managing client expectations.

In order to avoid circumstances in which the client demands more than your contract states, be sure to clearly outline roles, strategies, tactics and objectives at the beginning of the relationship before initiating the program.

For example, Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that requires time and patience. SEO is cumulative; the longer it is implemented, the better the results will be. If this is not clearly conveyed to the client at the beginning of the program, the client will expect their search engine rankings to dramatically increase from moment go. Communicating processes, time frames and what the client can realistically expect from the program, will reduce client anxiety and your own.

Whenever you offer a service, it is your responsibility to define the service and its objectives, while quantifiably measuring results.

DDL Testing Services Demystifies Complex Package Validation Process – Shares Advice with Medical Device Manufacturers at Medcon 2005

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

San Diego, CA, April 27, 2005 – Scott Levy, Package Engineer at DDL Inc., a leading package, product and material testing laboratory, will be presenting “Demystifying Medical Device Package Validation” at the Medcon 2005 Conference, April 27–28, Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center, San Diego, CA.Demystifying Medical Device Package Validation is intended to help medical device manufacturers understand complex package validation processes, along with what it takes to satisfy regulatory requirements regarding sterile medical device packaging.“Many medical device manufacturers struggle on a daily basis with what they need to do to set up a shelf-life package validation,” said Levy. “Many are unaware of how to satisfy industry standards such as ISO 11607.”According to the ISO 11607 standard, the manufacturer “must ensure the product and package system combine to create a total product which performs efficiently, safely, and effectively in the hands of the user.”Levy will answer ten frequently asked questions regarding the medical device package validation process, including which industry standards the package should adhere to and what each manufacturer should do to ensure the satisfaction of these requirements.Levy will also share how DDL is helping manufacturers comply with ISO 11607 (Clause 7) via its PackReview service.Join Scott Levy for “Demystifying Medical Device Package Validation”Wednesday, April 27, 2005, at 11am – Bing Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center, San Diego, CAFor more information on complex package validation processes and the PackReview service, stop by the DDL booth #59 at Medcon or visit DDLDDL offers expert testing services that provide excellent documentation for package testing, material testing, product testing and HazMat testing. DDL package testing clients find peace of mind with the DDL reliable PackReview (SM) ISO 11607 clause 7 certification. DDL maintains full service testing labs in Minnesota and California.Contact DDL at: or call Scott Levy at 952-941-9226 ext.115.###

The Truth Is Out There…… Somewhere

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Everybody hates being misled. We have all been victims of some kind of misrepresentation and we have all felt the frustration of being powerless to do anything about it.

From rumours circulating at school and kids being called names in the playground to falsely accused prisoners and identity theft. Misrepresentation appears in many guises and is encountered in every phase of life.

When truth becomes so distorted that we are no longer able to trust and believe; what kind of World are we living in?

A World where the paparazzi will do anything to jeopardize famous people’s credibility and a salesman will say anything to seal a deal.

A World where the law cannot protect innocent people and scams are rampant.

In our society, it would seem that trust is becoming meaningless with deception an overwhelming force.

The Marriage of PR & Search

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

According to an article in Search Insider (April 20), search and reputation management are inextricably linked.

Since prospects look for answers in search engines, this statement makes a lot of sense. Search engines are, in effect, cyber battlefields; why wouldn’t reputation be an issue?

To illustrate this point, web users who enter the words “miserable failure” into the Google search engine are directed to the biography of President Bush on the White House website.

Not only are PR and Search linked in terms of reputation management, the marriage of these 2 marketing techniques also adds a new spin on traditional PR practices.

Managed as an integrated package, search enhances PR offerings through tactics such as keyword optimization and a collaboration of print and online marketing.

Indeed, when PR partners with search, the result optimizes on the best of both worlds.

Blooming "Corpse Flower"

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

The largest Titan Arum flower in the World is currently blooming in West London’s Kew Gardens. The rare flower has hit 2.11 m and continues to grow.

The Titan Arum flower orginates from Sumatra and is known as the “corpse flower” for a very good reason – it smells like a mixture of rotting flesh, mouldy cheese and dirty diapers.

Fortunately for West London, the flower will only retain its smell for 2 days.

View the Titan Arum flower here.

Haloscan Added

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

The Allen Mortgage and Real Estate Group Launches First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Answers First Time Home Buying Burning Questions St. Paul, MN, April 21, 2005 — The Allen Mortgage and Real Estate Group,, a leading Minnesota Mortgage Broker today announced the launch of its First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp.Deciphering mortgage rates and loan programs are just the beginning of what is most often an overwhelming home buying process for first time owners. A few of the top questions on the home buying checklist include “Should I choose a fixed or an adjustable rate? What are the advantages to working with a Broker vs. a Bank? How much can I afford without getting in over my head?”“One of the more important things I learned during the first time homebuyers class was the importance of owning and the financial investment that goes along with it,” said Jon Canfield. “Another thing I learned was that the home buying process is complicated and very time and mind consuming. This was something that I was not aware of as a first time homebuyer. The class and the staff in place were very knowledgeable and easy to work with, making for a smooth and easy transition into buying my first home.”There are many questions, both known and unknown, that can slow-down and many times derail the new home buying process, which are answered in the Boot Camp.“The home buying process can seem very simple, but it’s what first time homebuyers DON’T know that can really hurt them,” said Cindy Allen, Allen Mortgage & Real Estate Group principal. “There are many expensive pitfalls that may not become evident until a new homebuyer is in the middle of an unforeseen problem. Then they must learn the hard way. We don’t want buying your first home to become a nightmare.”Lack of knowledge, for first time homebuyers can cost thousands of dollars, which is why the First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp illustrates various mortgage programs, payment examples and other unknown expenses and potential challenges that must be taken into consideration before embarking on such a large and important investment.“In order to help first time homebuyers become more prepared to make the biggest decision of their life, we are helping them by offering a comprehensive educational course,” said Allen. “The First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp is designed to help build a solid understanding in what can often be a misunderstood process.”The First Time Homebuyers Boot Camp is designed to convey the home buying process from start to finish, from understanding credit scores to pre-approval to understanding what moves interest rates and knowing whether an ARM or Fixed mortgage, depending on an individual’s circumstances, is better for the first time homebuyer.Class instructors cover many unasked, yet important concepts including strategies for increasing affordability, what should a first time homebuyer look for in their first home in order to move on to the second home when the time is right and an explanation of how owning a home can decrease income tax.First Time Homebuyers Boot Camps are being hosted in the following MN communities:April 27 – EdinaMay 19 – Arden HillsJune 23 – Apple ValleyJuly 19 – BloomingtonAug 24 – BlaineSept 22 – WoodburyOct 19 – PlymouthNov 14 – LakevilleDec 15 – Eden PrairieAbout The Allen Mortgage and Real Estate GroupThe Allen Mortgage and Real Estate Group has been a leading MN mortgage broker and mortgage lending company for nearly 20 years. With a commitment to first time homebuyers, the team at the Allen Mortgage & Real Estate Group commits to sharing the truth about the home buying process. Find out more on the home buying process and home buying tips at

Pacific Security Capital Opens Tampa Office

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Demonstrates Commitment to Florida Commercial Real Estate Market Beaverton, OR , April 21, 2005 – Pacific Security Capital, a leading real estate investment bank headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, today announced its commitment to the Florida commercial real estate market by opening a Tampa office. Armando Yanez has been named Director of the Tampa office, which is located at 3111 West Dr. MLK, Jr. Blvd, Suite 100 Tampa, Florida 33607.Mr. Yanez has been involved in commercial real estate in the Florida market for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of financial expertise and local real estate knowledge to PSC. Mr. Yanez is a graduate of the University of South Florida, with a B.A. degree in Accounting.”The ability to have local coverage of the Tampa market and have that office being managed by a quality individual like Armando Yanez is not only a win for our organization, but also for our Florida clients,” said Mike Myatt, Executive Managing Director of Pacific Security Capital.Pacific Security Capital will now offer the following services in Florida:• Advisory Services;• Permanent and Structured Financing, and;• Investment Sales.Through the Pacific Security Capital national platform, the office will originate new business and service existing clients in all product categories.”As a real estate investment bank the ability to serve clients as a direct lender, professional services provider and intermediary provides our clients with the broadest possible array of commercial capital markets solutions, said Myatt”.To learn more about Pacific Security Capital, please visit or call 1-800-844-6085.About Pacific Security Capital Pacific Security Capital is a leading commercial real estate investment banking firm providing commercial real estate loans, structured finance and advisory services. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with offices in major markets in North America and Europe, Pacific Security Capital has pioneered the commercial real estate industry’s first preferred borrower program, PacificElite™. More information about Pacific Security Capital and the PacificElite™ preferred borrower program can be found at

Advertising Sneaks Into T.V. Shows

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Recently, we have been seeing a shift in traditional advertising practices, as more and more brands and products have found their way onto prime time T.V.

And I’m not talking about the commercial breaks.

Surely it was no coincidence that Survivor sponsor, Pringles, received huge exposure when Survivor participants munched on Pringles (with the Pringle box in full camera view) as the reward to a luxury challenge.

Similary, American Idol is becoming increasingly involved in car advertising by featuring and airing the idols in a different car ad every week as part of the results show.

It goes without saying that brands associated with popular prime time T.V. shows will be perceived as trendy products.

And what a sneaky way to reach consumers! Let’s face it, we all play the channel hopping game during commercial breaks but are unlikely to touch the remote during our favourite T.V. show.

Advertising practices have, therefore, transitioned from traditional in-your-face promotion to subliminally reaching the consumer through a medium that they are not going to reject.

PR Disaster In London Today

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is facing critical times as the May General Election quickly approaches.

With recent opinion polls showing that the Labor Party has only an 8% lead over the Tories, PR disasters like the one that occurred in a Regent Park mosque today, can only act to hurt Blair’s political campaign.

When a fringe Islamist group gatecrashed a general election event, hosted by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), angry demonstrators were quick to condemn Blair’s leadership and to warn Muslims against voting in the upcoming election, dubbing them “unbelievers”.

The Muslim Council of Britian’s effort to bring Muslims together to discuss what they wanted to get out of the General Election, turned into a piece of negative PR for both the MCB and the current Prime Minister, overshadowing what had originally been a positive move on the MCB’s part.

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