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Will Blogging Kill PR?

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, September 23rd, 2005 - Comments »

They say that video killed the radiostar and now they are saying that PR is in danger of dying at the hands of bloggers.

Why does PR feel so threatened?

Public Relations, like technology, must also evolve and adapt with the times. Remember the days before email, when press releases were distributed by fax and by mail? The whole PR pitching process was slower then; information could not be distributed as quickly. With the introduction of email, PR specialists became accustomed to having to provide data on demand. The entire profession stepped up the pace and adapted to shorter turn-around.

My point is this: if Public Relations has successfully transitioned through technology changes in the past, blogging will not stand in its way. Bloggers, indeed, will soon be flooded with pitches from PR agencies, who want their clients to appear in blogs!

PR is all about achieving positive brand visibility whether in print, in online publications or even in blogs.

Blogging is not killing PR. Blogs provide another arena in which to publish messaging and enhance brand visibility.

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