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Tips for PR Success

Posted by Media Relations on Saturday, January 20th, 2007 - Comments »

When time is of the essence, there is a temptation to conduct haphazard media pitching. By haphazard, I mean grabbing a concept and sending it out to the media as soon as possible. While this approach may generate plenty of opportunities, it is not targeted and is conducted without strategy.

Targeted pitching means that you consistently gain coverage in your clients’ top publications that speak directly to their prospects. Haphazard pitching often creates opportunities in lesser know publications that may not reach out directly to the right audience.

Strategic planning before pitching is invaluable. Who do you want to reach with this pitch? Which publications do you want to pick it up? By pinpointing which publications you want to run your story, you are in a position to offer exclusives and direct all of your energy into a handful of “right on” publications rather than a long list of not so targeted media outlets.

It is also important to make the most of the content you have. If you run with pitches without thinking first, you may blow 3 stories in one pitch, which could have otherwise been separated out and leveraged more effectively.

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