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The Four "M"s of Marketing

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, October 31st, 2005 - Comments »

I recently attended the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Annual Summit and was given a lot of food for thought.

Of particular interest were the four “M”s of marketing:

1. Motivation
2. Message
3. Media Mix
4. Maximization

These four “M”s outline the exact process that a PR professional should take in the successful execution of a campaign.

It stands to reason, the very first consideration should be “Motivation”. What is the goal? What do you want to achieve from executing this particular campaign? Indeed, with public relations, and marketing in general, becoming more focused on measuring results, there is more need than ever to clearly understand the goal behind each piece of PR.

Once the goal has been ascertained, then it’s time to carefully craft the message. Again, we are not looking for media coverage for coverage’s sake. We are looking to tie PR efforts directly to their impact on generating leads and sales. This is, of course, the no#1 reason for engaging in PR, in the first place. The message, therefore, should be focused on driving purchase probability.

As I have already stated in many of my previous posts, public relations should be moving online and this is where #3 Media Mix applies. Public relations need not be limited to print and broadcast media, but should embrace the online revolution.

Furthermore, since we have seen the Internet grow into a huge media channel, we should be on the lookout for future evolution. Where is the industry going next? We need to work on maximizing our efforts so that the message is disseminated through as many media channels as possible to gain maximum exposure for the client.

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