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The Benefits of Integrating Public Relations&SEO

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 - 2 Comments »

The growing dominance of the Internet is driving more and more people online. Marketers therefore should be changing their marketing tactics and budget appropriately to accommodate this shift in the consumer mindset.Companies that deploy Public Relations can take their marketing programs to the next level by integrating Search Engine Optimization, online PR and other interactive marketing tactics.Misukanis & Odden implements an integrated marketing program for DDL, a package testing laboratory. Since beginning this program in 2004, DDL has seen the following results:

  • Revenue increase of 41.5%
  • Top 50 Fastest Growing Company in the Twin Cities
  • 34% increase in number of prospect inquiries
  • Website traffic has more than doubled

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2 Responses to “The Benefits of Integrating Public Relations&SEO”

  1. Arnold Says:

    The presentation does an excellent job of demonstrating how shifts in technology and the methods used to connect businesses, partners, and end-user/consumers aren’t designed to alienate but to equip those willing to make the leap. That said, it still seems that those with larger budgets will still win in this model. How will smaller businesses/organizations compete?

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    Great presenatation. I have been an Internet consultant for the last 11 years and I have been working on SEO for quite some time.I currently am working with a number of PR firms in Melbourne & Sydney Australia. I disagree with the big budget comment. I teach PR firms to make sure that their web developers understand the importance of SEO when it comes to representing them online.Once a site is built with SEO in mind their are relatively easy techniques you can use to keep it ranking high. I also produce a number of free video tutorials at my site to help people understand what they can be doing to take advanatge of this.All the bestJim Stewart

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