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The Age of Technology

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, May 2nd, 2005 - Comments »

Technology is forever evolving and we are continually amazed by modern technology’s capabilities.

We’re living in an age where cell phones are now smaller than your palm and can take photographs and play movies in addition to their traditional role as communicators. It makes you wonder how different the World will be in 25 years from now.

Despite so much complex and intricate technology being developed, the fact remains that the simple necessities in life don’t get any easier.

If modern technology can do so much, why is moving house such a hassle? Why does it take the telephone company and DSL Internet 2 weeks to hook up a telephone line and Internet connection? With modern technology advancing so quickly, why can’t these utility companies just flick a switch?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for retaining the human element. I don’t want to see the world taken over by machines. Yet, I am annoyed with utility companies that do not have sufficient manpower to meet the demand for their technology.

There is no point leaping forward with technology if we, as humans, cannot keep up with it, specifically in terms of customer service.

In a World where every household has multiple telephones and various forms of Internet connection, it is inconceivable that any given home cannot be automatically connected.

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