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Technology Is Changing Marketing

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, October 28th, 2005 - Comments »

With the growth of technology, we have seen a huge increase in the number of media channels that are available to marketers and that are exposed to consumers.

Television advertisements no longer have the same impact on consumers.

The growing dominance of the web has shown us that more people are going online and marketers, therefore, should be changing their marketing tactics and budget appropriately to accommodate this shift in the consumer mindset.

Technology has moved society into an on-demand envrionment, in which the Internet makes content readily available to consumers.

For example, in the past, consumers would see an advert for a product in a particular store on the Television or in a newspaper. Depending on the time of day, their option would be to go to the store to look at the product and possibly buy it, or wait for the store to open.

These days, the time of day does not prevent the consumer from finding out more information. Now, when the consumer sees the advertisment on T.V, in a newspaper or magazine, or online, the advertisement will direct the consumer to a website where they can find out more information. In many cases, not only does the consumer have access to this “on demand” information, but they are also able to make a purchase via the website and have the product delivered to their home, without being restricted by store hours or even having to leave their home.

More media channel options have also made it difficult to anticipate the consumer’s response. Since the consumer is zigzagging between various media channels, it is necessary for the marketer to do the same.

This is where integrated marketing comes in. Marketers must learn to integrate their public relations, online marketing and direct marketing campaigns so that they are all centred around the same message and are communicated across the media channels that are most appropriate for their target audience.

For example, a press release no longer “just” disseminates news. This traditional PR tactic integrated with online marketing, can be used to communicate client keyword phrases, drive traffic back to the client website and increase the client’s visbility in the search engines.

The impact of technology on consumer mindset, indeed, means that marketers need to be driven by customer behavior. Traditionally deeemed as a creative discipline, marketing is now moving into the data mining arena, where data analysis and knowledge of your audience are key to a successful marketing campaign.

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