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SmartKit Releases Student Guide Book, Provides Study Tips for Students Heading Back to School

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 - Comments »

Smartkit: Student Guidebook details learning strategies to give students an extra edge by improving memory via study tipsMinneapolis, MN – Aug 3, 2006 – SmartKit, a leading website dedicated to bringing readers expert, up-to-date information on how to improve your brain, is releasing a new book to help students improve studying techniques, producing bigger benefits in less time.The ebook, Smartkit: Student Guidebook, provides students with practical learning strategies to help achieve academic success via intelligent use of their brain.  Tips include information on how to:•    Boost focus and concentration by naturally increasing brain catecholamines•    Use powerful study techniques that can, in some cases, cut study time by 50%. Rejuvenate mental performance and alertness when your fatigued•    Increase the number of brain cells and synapses without prescription drugs•    Properly use various food combinations to markedly increase productivity and learning efficiencyThe ebook, written by Dr. R.L Kaplan, a Board Certified neurologist, is based on more than 200 references from the neuroscientific literature. The ebook provides well-founded learning strategies to help students increase study effectiveness while decreasing the actual amount of time spent studying.“There are many misconceptions about which study techniques will produce the best grades.  Students spend far too much time studying in incorrect ways that only inhibit their ability to retain the information that they worked so hard to gain.” said Dr. Kaplan.  “The Smarkit: Student Guidebook solves the mystery and provides students with how-to steps to increase brain power,” said Dr. Kaplan.The SmartKit Website is dedicated to offering readers the latest and most up to date news about maintaining a healthy brain.  The SmartKit: Student Guidebook delves deeper into brain chemistry issues that really matter and can make a noticeable difference in improving memory and helping students achieve academic success.To order the ebook, Smartkit: Student Guidebook visit: Smart-KitThe Smartkit website is dedicated to bringing readers expert, up-to-date information on how to improve brain power, learning strategies and memory.  The SmartKit: Student Guidebook is an eBook written by Board Certified neurologist Dr. R.L. Kaplan.  The SmartKit: Student Guidebook provides learning strategies for students of all ages to help improve grades and reduce study time.   Learn more at SmartKit website and its contents are owned and published by Synaptic Blue, LLC.

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