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Relieve Stress with Good Organization & Time Management

Posted by Media Relations on Monday, April 18th, 2005 - Comments »

Working in Public Relations means that there is no limit to the amount of research and promotion you can do. There are always more editorial calendars to scour, more media hits to be gained and an infinite amount of create concepts to be researched, developed and presented.

There is no wonder, therefore, that managing multiple PR accounts requires good organization and effective time management. It is often tempting to spend more time than one should on a client with an exciting product to promote, rather than on another equally important client with a less endearing message.

Indeed, Public Relations can often be overwhelming for the account executive. Here are some tips on how to relieve stress, find focus and enhance your performance.

Create a clear task list
It may seem simple, but having all your tasks written down in a clear and easy-to-read list will immediately relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.
I am most stressed when I know that I have a lot to do, but can’t quite remember the details of each individual task. That niggling feeling of forgetting something important is at the root of stress and frustration and will only fester if left to do so.

Organize your tasks in terms of each client, making sure to include important deadlines and the date of your next client meeting.
Re-order the tasks that have been haphazardly listed under each client name, starting with the most important task and ending with the least important.

Congratulate Yourself
Feel the satsifaction of accomplishment by striking out each task as you complete it. Simply deleting items from your task list will leave you with no sense of achievement.

Schedule Work Time
Not only should you document meetings and events in your online calendar, but schedule time to work on projects, specific clients or email inbox organization. A tidy inbox often helps to remove the feeling of having forgotten to do something important.

Constantly Re-Assess
Begin your week with a look at your calendar and task list. That way, there are no surprises, such as a meeting that you had forgotten about and, hence, hadn’t prepared for. By constantly re-assessing both the status of your client accounts and the status of your workload, you will be in a better position to fulfil each task in a competent and timely manner.

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