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Pitching is Dead. No it's not.

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 - 2 Comments »

By Lee Odden

In a recent post by Steve Rubel, he points out the decline of traditional pitching and the upswing of social community participation. I sent this to Bill Arnovich in our PR office, who as a FT media relations guy, took somewhat of an issue with the notion that traditional pitching is dead. Bill conducts traditional pitching every day, 9-5 and he’s good at it. There’s no sign of a decline in his eyes (or mine from his pickup reports). He also continues to get positive feedback from the journalists he’s helped to find great ideas and companies (our clients) to write about.

I tend to hit the middle of the road when it comes to “this tactic is dead” types of posts. The “pitching is dead, long live participation” idea was no different, so I did a post at our Online Marketing Blog, “The Future of Online PR and Reputation Management” to dig a bit deeper into the continued need for traditional pitching in combination with the use of technology and social community/blogosphere involvement.

When I explained the competitive advantage as well as the efficiencies in using technology such as RSS and along with the aggregation of content to make it easier for journalists to write stories, Bill came around to my hybrid pitching theory. Actually, it’s not a theory because it’s in practice with our online PR practitioners.

What do you think? Is pitching dead? Or will PR professionals need to change course and become direct participants in the various consumer generated media and social media communities to succeed?

2 Responses to “Pitching is Dead. No it's not.”

  1. simplykyle Says:

    Pitching is definitely not dead. I do agree, participation is required. Participate only to craft the story you want to sell. I don’t think anyone has been or should be doing it any differently.

  2. Kathi Dameron Says:

    The synergistic combination seems to be the best route. You wouldn’t throw away the baby with the bath water. We don’t want to throw away pitching…but rather mix the old and the new together in exciting new ways to deliver something far better than what was ever delivered before.

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