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Paperless Workflow Monitor From Metafile Enables Chief Financial Officers Ability To Make Real-Time Improvements to Fiscal Strategy

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 - Comments »

CFO’s and finance managers remain updated regarding every crucial financial detail within their companiesRochester, MN February 19, 2009 — – Metafile, a Minnesota-based content management firm dedicated to providing financial innovations via paperless financial automation solution MetaViewer, has debuted the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor.  Designed as an advanced information management solution, The MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides CFO’s consistent, real-time updates regarding the state of their companies financial processes.It is crucial for CFO’s, whose primary responsibility is to ensure the fiscal well-being of their company, to be updated consistently on each detail that makes up the big financial picture of their company.  Details necessary for the CFO to monitor include everything from invoices approaching deadline to processes that may be stalled in workflow.  Because of a CFO’s overwhelming need for information, they often find themselves overly reliant on paper-based reports.“Like a virtual desktop dashboard, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides paperless reports regarding a company’s critical financial workings,” states Jim Mandt VP of Technical Services for Metafile.  “Much like the gauges of an engine provides instant feedback on engine performance, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides instant full visibility for all financial processes.”With its color coded alerts detailing a company’s complete financial picture, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor enables CFO’s to dynamically adjust their company’s fiscal strategy based on the most current information available.Specific benefits of the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor include:•    Effortless identification of invoices approaching deadline or stalls in financial processes•    Customized alerts enabling CFO’s to match their dashboard to their company’s specific reporting metrics and processes•    Instant drill down to specific documents associated with the alerts•    Viewing of vital information from a SharePoint Desktop or via the internet“By monitoring and reporting on information from every department and every source, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor ensures CFO’s are no longer forced to spend valuable time digging through reports or consulting with subordinates to uncover the current financial picture of their company,” continues Mandt.  “By providing a real-time view of critical financial processes, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor can help ensure a more efficient CFO and a more efficient company overall.”More information on Metafile’s MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor is available by visiting Metafile’s dedicated MetaViewer website.About MetafileMetafile Information Systems, Inc. provides paperless workflow automation solutions via its customizable content management solution MetaViewer. A privately held software development and integration firm, Metafile has helped the financial departments of companies such as Winn Dixie, Gate Petroleum, Wellborn Cabinet and Allied Beverage streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable processes for over 25 years. More information on Metafile and MetaViewer may be found online at

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