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Outsell LLC Releases Second Insight in a Series of Automotive Research Insights- The Decision Matrix: What Factors Impact Purchase Decisions?

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Internet auto sales and marketing firm, Outsell, launches the second in a series of iBase Insights into consumer car purchasing habits and works with top auto dealers to present value of leveraging the Internet.Minneapolis, MN, March 2, 2007 – Outsell LLC, the fastest growing Internet auto sales and marketing company, is releasing the second insight from a pair of research studies involving the application of intensive consumer surveys aimed at collecting data on consumer psychographics.The Decision Matrix is part of a series of consumer-centric insights designed to help automotive leaders make decisions that will attract, develop, close and grow more business. Focusing on the various factors that directly impact automotive consumer’s purchase decisions, the insight reveals the great importance of high levels of customer service, as well as the interplay between price, consumer satisfaction and the relative values of various other factors in the vehicle purchase process.“With tight margins, best of class automotive organizations optimizing customer experience, especially online. By offering great value and great service, these organizations are offering the level of service that customers want and are willing to pay for”, said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell LLC. “This study is reinforcing the fact that for automotive purchases consumers are willing to travel further to get the price and level of service they expect.”Outsell will be releasing its latest iBase Insights as follows:January 2007 – How Far Online?How far do consumers want to go online when making a vehicle purchase? What key strategies can be implemented at a dealership to target these online consumers?February 2007 – The Decision Matrix: What Factors Impact Purchase Decisions?Are there specific triggers that increase the likelihood of a sale?March 2007 – The Importance of Speed: Follow-up & Fast Transactions for Auto BuyersHow fast do consumers expect to be followed up with? How long is too long on the dealer lot? What strategies can automotive leaders employ to ensure a smooth and fast transaction for the consumer?April 2007 – Holistic Customer Service: Engaging the Consumer & Closing the SaleWhat is “good customer service”? What impact can it have on consumer satisfaction and the profitability of the automotive vehicle purchase?Read the second iBase Insight “The Decision Matrix: What Factors Impact Purchase Decisions?” at OutsellOutsell ( is a leader in Internet Automotive Sales targeting auto dealers who want to significantly increase car and fixed operations sales via the Internet.Via its Internet Auto Sales Machine, Outsell is able to:• Attract customers through search engine marketing and interactive email marketing• Engage prospects with live automotive chat• Develop opportunities and appointments that lead to cars sold via its Internet Business Development Center (BDC) service• Grow customer relationships from one car buy to an ongoing profitable customer relationship, by providing online information and real time communication throughout the customer lifecycle.As the fastest growing Internet automotive sales company, Outsell is a fire-breathing, tire-squealing Internet auto sales machine — Results. Guaranteed.

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