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Mystery Coverage

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, July 4th, 2006 - Comments »

I never thought I’d get a client coverage on Fox 9 News and not know about it!

Pitching TV stations is usually something that requires a lot of sweat and blood and little to show for it. However, I was pleasantly surprised last week when a client called me in a state of excitement to tell me that he had heard from another colleague that their company had been mentioned on the morning news.

Now, this was news to me. Yes, it was the piece of news I had been pitchiing that week but, no, I had not pitched Fox at all.

It turns out that my contact at the Business Journal had passed on the information to a fellow Business Journal reporter that happened to have a slot on the Fox 9 morning news.

Maybe the back door is the right place to go when looking to get on TV. Build relationships with local reporters and take advantage of their connections with TV stations.

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