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Managing Client Expectations

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, April 27th, 2005 - Comments »

Every company has some clients that are more difficult than others. It stands to reason -when working with a large number of professionals, A-type personalities will be encountered.

For the PR professional, the A-type personality is probably the most difficult to work with. It is, therefore, crucial that PR agencies find a way of effectively managing client expectations.

In order to avoid circumstances in which the client demands more than your contract states, be sure to clearly outline roles, strategies, tactics and objectives at the beginning of the relationship before initiating the program.

For example, Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that requires time and patience. SEO is cumulative; the longer it is implemented, the better the results will be. If this is not clearly conveyed to the client at the beginning of the program, the client will expect their search engine rankings to dramatically increase from moment go. Communicating processes, time frames and what the client can realistically expect from the program, will reduce client anxiety and your own.

Whenever you offer a service, it is your responsibility to define the service and its objectives, while quantifiably measuring results.

The best way to manage client expectations is to define roles, objectives and expectations right from the start.

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