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Magnum Technologies Unveils COORDINATOR 4.0 Enhanced Management Software – Reduces Downtime with Rapid identification and Resolution of Complex Networking Issues

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Enhanced Management Software Accelerates Automated IT Fault, Discovery and Correlation Management Capabilities for Complex Core Network InfrastructuresMinneapolis, MN, June 27, 2005 — Magnum Technologies, a leading developer of information technology (IT) management software for measuring and improving the business impact of IT, today announced the launch of the latest version of its COORDINATOR software solution.COORDINATOR 4.0 extends the reach of COORDINATOR software within large-scale enterprises to include remote locations, which permits quicker identification and resolution of system and networking events that could disrupt business operations across the entire enterprise.“The new COORDINATOR 4.0 significantly extends and strengthens the original management capabilities and benefits of COORDINATOR,” said Tim Hadden, Chief Technology Officer of Magnum Technologies. “With COORDINATOR 4.0 large-scale enterprises can now quickly deploy our software capabilities and more rapidly resolve network and system issues.”Magnum’s COORDINATOR provides network professionals the information they need in minutes to identify and resolve the root cause issues behind both system and network events. COORDINATOR gathers network topology data from enterprise management platforms such as IBM NetView; discovers and displays additional Multi-Layer device information; and builds a more complete and up-to-date topology map that helps network and system administrators pinpoint problems more quickly.Once installed, COORDINATOR 4.0 immediately identifies non-IP addressable, layer 2 ports and blades, and relates that information to the layer 3 information already recorded in the enterprise management platform This gives the network and system administrator a fuller understanding of the entire environment, and the status of each device.“The release of COORDINATOR 4.0 is one of many significant product enhancements planned for the entire Magnum product suite this year,” said Mike Ducatelli, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Magnum Technologies. “With this pipeline of new releases, we are quickly becoming the market leader in not only network management but management of all IP based components, such as IP based Storage and Voice over IP VOIP devices.”COORDINATOR 4.0 also includes the following features:- Layer 2 Discovery – automatic discovery and maintenance of layer 2 devices- Visualization of a combined layer 2 and layer 3 topology including:- Visual depiction of the physical connections- Understands the relationship between Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices- point-to-point path trace between 2 devices in the network- VLANs Views- Enhanced Fault detection – Port status monitoring and active polling for full coverage- Root Cause Analysis Events – Eliminates manual root cause isolation- Maintain Switch Device Status – Map shows the root cause location of events- Discovery Report – Port information and physical connections for switches- Impact Report – Identifies impacted devices due to switch outages- Status Report – Shows availability status of switches and ports- Physical Display of a combined Layer 2 and Layer 3 network layers, point-to-point and VPN connections.- Enhanced Graphical User Interface – shows relationships between Routers, Switches & Systems- Powerful Polling Engine – enables monitoring of redundant path networks for more concise root analysis of their events and the impact on business operationsFor more information on COORDINATOR™ 4.0. or Magnum Technologies’ suite of IT management solutions, including ADVANTAGE®, CAP-TREND& DIAGNOSEIT®, visit www.magnum-tech.comAbout Magnum TechnologiesMagnum Technologies develops software solutions that align IT operations with enterprise priorities. Magnum’s suite of automated management solutions includes DIAGNOSEIT®, COORDINATOR™, CAP-TREND® and its flagship product, ADVANTAGE®. Magnum’s software solutions are designed to easily integrate with and enhance the effectiveness of existing management platforms by monitoring and measuring IT performance from a line-of-business perspective. To learn more about Magnum Technologies, visit # #

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