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Link Bait from Columbia Business School

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 - Comments »

If anything is going to draw attention to snubbed Columbia Business School Dean, Glenn Hubbard, it is the rather hillarious music video created by the Dean’s own group of students.

“Every Breath You Take,” made famous by The Police, has been converted into a parody on the recent appointment of Ben Bernanke as Alan Greenspan’s replacement.

In this hysterical parody, Dean Glenn Hubbard, sings about wanting to be appointed Fed Chair and why Ben Bernanke was a bad choice.

Before this video was disseminated across the Internet, I had never heard of Dean Glenn Hubbard. If you ask me, this is a great bit of link bait that raises the profile of a little known Columbia Business School Dean.

View “Every Breath You Take” from Columbia Business School here.

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