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John Battelle & Web 2.0

Posted by Media Relations on Friday, November 17th, 2006 - Comments »

Day 2 of WebmasterWorld Pubcon opened with a keynote address from John Battelle, who talked about the evolution of search, from the days of DOS to the current dominance of Google.

We are now entering into the era of Web 2.0, where companies start to understand that the Web is a platform that can be used to drive business.

The fundamental shift that is taking place is the dominance of “intent over content”. Marketing has traditionally been content driven. Now, consumers place their “intent” into the search box to be able to find their content.

Web 2.0 is about leveraging the Web via new phenomena such as social media and consumer generated media to get in front of and engage your prospects. Web 2.0 calls for marketing to a conversation rather than a dictation.

Automotive Internet sales and marketing firm, Outsell, is a good example of conversational marketing in play. Outsell manages a “Live Chat” service for its auto dealer clients and consults with potential car buyers via instant messenger. By providing expert counsel to potential customers, Outsell has found that it is able to increase car sales by an average of one car per month.

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