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Is Technology Hindering Progress?

Posted by Media Relations on Sunday, February 26th, 2006 - Comments »

I read an interesting article the other day that suggested that workers today are accomplishing far less than a decade ago.

The culprit? Technology.
While technology is supposed to make everything easier and quicker, it also poses its own distractions.

How many of us have wasted an hour or so trying to get our computers to do what we want them to do? Perhaps the Internet is not working probably, perhaps you’re not receiving emails….. There may not be a logical reason for why any of these problems are occurring, but still, the time is wasted playing around with these machines that are supposed to make our working lives easier.

Technology has made information so much more accessible, which in turn means that we are more likely to spend our days multi-tasking. Every time an email comes in, ping, our attention is distracted from the task at hand. We read the email but then, guess what, there is another task emanating from the email and we find ourselves moving further and further away from the project on which we were originally working.

The result?
We spend many hours chipping away at various different items on our task list but never achieve that feeling of truly accomplishing something.

I, myself, have begun to ignore emails as they pop into my inbox and force myself to finish one task before moving on to another.

It would seem that technology does not have the capacity to speed and ease our workload. What use is technology if the human mind cannot keep up?

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