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Human Development Or Devolution?

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 - Comments »

The more we know, the more progress we can make in lengthening human lives and making them more comfortable.

However, it’s a “catch 22” situation. While increased knowledge helps us find cures for old diseases and some incredible discoveries, technology and new ways of life create new problems.

Let me give you an example:
The Computer – What an incredible invention!
But think about the adverse effects the computer is having on human lives. Indeed, staring at a computer screen all day is causing:

  • Eye sight degeneration
  • Back pain and posture problems
  • Headaches

I bet it’s not long before studies start appearing linking computer usage to Cancer.

Similarly, current theories about the effects of sunlight on the human body illustrate the point that you just can’t win. If you expose your skin to sunlight, you run the risk of getting Cancer. If you go out of your way to avoid sunlight, you deprive your body of a vital source of Vitamin D.

My point? Are we really better off with this knowledge? Is there such a thing as knowing too much?

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