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DDL West Addresses Declining CA Packaging Standards

Posted by Media Relations on Thursday, May 19th, 2005 - Comments »

Helps Manufacturers Maintain Package Integrity & Contain Costs Costa Mesa, CA, May 19, 2005 – DDL West, a CA-based package, product and material testing laboratory is addressing declining packaging standards in California by helping manufacturers maintain package integrity and contain costs.California-based medical device manufacturers are increasingly struggling to maintain the integrity of their packaging while staying within budget.“Many CA-based manufacturers are cutting down on the amount of testing they do in order to save money,” said Michael Foster, DDL West Package Engineer. “Instead of testing 30 package samples, they may only test 10, which results in a much lower confidence level.”Packaging is not only failing integrity testing due to cost cutting, but also because many manufacturers are choosing the wrong type of packaging for their product. Since the majority of medical devices have sharp edges or points, it is vital to choose packaging that cannot be perforated.“DDL West is educating clientele via its growing suite of complimentary PackServices,” said Foster. “DDL West offers comprehensive consultation to identify manufacturers’ individual package testing requirements and to determine the best value for their testing dollars.”DDL West is helping medical device manufacturers maintain the integrity of their packaging with advice on how to:- Choose the right materials for their packaging- Submit the correct number of package samples for a 90-95% confidence level- Maximize on their package testing investment- Eliminate costs of re-testingFor expert advice on maintaining cost effective package integrity, visit or call Mike Foster at (714) 979-1712 ext. 16.About DDL West:DDL West offers expert package testing, product testing and material testing services including Shock testing, vibration testing, tensile testing, leak testing and validation. DDL package testing clients find value through its zero-cost package testing consulting service, Pack-Advice.# # #

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